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When God created Wales

In the beginning the Lord God Almighty turned to the Archangel Gabriel, and said: “Today I am going to create a beautiful part of the Earth and I will call it Wales. I will make a country of breathtaking blue lakes, rich...

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Funny Support Emails

Dear Constant Reader, I got into the Insane Asylum this morning to find the following email on your support system, and it was too amusing not to share 😉 Enjoy! F*cking iPhones. His iPad has exactly the same settings as his...

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Cold fusion Caller

I really wish this had been a conversation I had, but alas it was a conversation between a colleague (YoYoMan) and a cold caller. Cold Caller (cc):  “So sir we are conducting a survey on how your home is supplied, may I...

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Doctor Yoda

Without cheating and resetting his body with “regenerations” The Doc will turn into a Yoda lookalike. Are Jedi’s just timelords? Lightsabers fancy sonic...

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When IM Bots go Bad

I get several IM bots try and talk to me, normally its the same ones over and over. Sometimes I play along, or mess with them in the hope the programmers have conversation logs. There is one  AIM bot that goes by the name...

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World Apathy Awareness Day

Today is World Apathy Awareness Day. I was going to write a post to help advertise this important day, and help raise awareness. But to be honest, I can’t be bothered, Maybe i’ll do one next year? So Instead here is...

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New Welsh Flag

In an attempt to persuade more tourists to Wales, The AIJMU think tank team came up with a new flag design, after deciding the old flag’s dragon was a bit to scary looking. The new flag they feel is more user friendly,...

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