Profile – Biography:

Personal Bio.

Name: The Great Goth Ninja
AKA: GothNinja, Pendragon, Penddraig, GGN
Email: Yes I have some of them.

Gaming Bio.

Xbox Gamertag: GreatGothNinja
Playstation ID: GreatGothNinja
Wii Mii Friend Code: 0447-3291-7892-1622

Blogging Bio.

Date of 1st Post: 19th May 2005
Main Blogging Topics: Gaming, Life, Pagan/Goth, MeMe’s, General Gibberish
Bloggers Moto: (I’m paraphrasing Bart Simpson here)
I can’t stand this any longer.
Somebody please pay attention to me!
Hello, pay attention to me!
Look at me!
I’m Wayne, I’m Wayne!
Look at me, look at me, look at me!