The Year of a Busy Mason – SRIA AGM


This frozen morning, I popped over the border into England to attend the Provincial AGM for the SRIA Province of Western Counties and North Wales at Cheshire View.

The Hall had laid out coffee and mince pies out for those of us who arrived early for rehearsals, We then had the AGM. It is always good to catch up with how all the Colleges in the Province are doing. Unfortunately The Celebrant of Bishop Wilkins College¬† did not make it so I had to give the report’s for both Bishop Wilkins and Clwyd.

The Year of a Busy Mason – Buckley Lodge

Buckley Lodge!

This evening was my first visit to Buckley Lodge.

I had been planning on visiting this Lodge for a long time, because I wanted to see the Masonic Hall in Buckley. NEVER PUT THINGS OFF! By the time I actually got around to visiting, Buckley Hall had closed down, and the Lodge had moved to the Mold Masonic Hall.  So I learnt a lesson, I had put off something I wanted to do for so long I was unable to ever do it.

It was an enjoyable evening, with an interesting Talk on “Worthy Masons” followed by their Christmas Festive Board, with lots of singing and Christmas Cheer. It was also my First Christmas meal of the season.

The Year of a Busy Mason – Wrexhamian Lodge

Wrexhamian Lodge!

This evening was the first meeting of Wrexhamian Lodge since with the new officers in place.

We had an Initiation, and I helped out by doing the Charge after Initiation, which was interesting since it has been about eight years since I last had the chance to do it.

The Year of a Busy Mason – Visit to Dinorben Lodge

Visit to Dinorben Lodge!

This evening I had a little trip out to the coast out by Colwyn Bay to visit Dinorben Lodge for the first time.

I had been booked from the North Wales Association of Masonic Study to give a Talk titled “Widows Sons – Outlaw Bikers or Masonic Ambassadors”

It was a very enjoyable meeting in what has to be the largest Lodge room in North Wales.

The Year of a Busy Mason – Committee Rehearsals

Committee Rehearsals!

Wrexhamian Chapter had a Committee meeting this evening to sort some admin out, (no matter what you are in, there is always admin involved).

Unfortunately the Secretary was running very late, and nobody else actually knew what the agenda was, so after an hour gossip time we decided to change the evening into an extra rehearsals!