Happy 48th Birthday Doctor Who

Forty eight years ago today, a cranky old man who lived with his granddaughter in an old London junk yard, kidnapped a couple of school teachers who were just checking up on a pupils “What I did in my summer holiday” essay, and started an adventure that would last 48 years so far, become the longest running Science Fiction series of all time, and kicked of three spin off series (four if you count the failed K9 and Company).

What other TV show has had such impact on so many generations. With films, TV shows, Radio Plays, Books, comics, cartoons, games, etc. I can say not that many.

And in today’s climate when good shows get cancelled after one or two seasons, a show being able to span from 1963 to present day (Or the future really as they have already written the next season).

So we here at the Ninja Temple would like to raise our Sonic Screwdrivers in a sonic celebration of the Worlds favourite Doctor.

11:11:11 11-11-11

Happy Binary Day.

Its the 11th second of the 11th minute of the 11th hour on the 11th day of the 11th month of the 11th year of this century.

Its special people!!!


Assassins Creed Brotherhood – Attack of the Glitch

As mentioned in This Post We finally got Assassins Creed Brotherhood (Or ACB as it will be known for the rest of this post) working fine for us to play together, and we have had a few good games. Now there has always been the odd glitch, people doing the lag jump, or cries of “How did you get me, you were no where near?” And other slight but manageable glitches.

Only recently these glitches have got worse. Especially as we have noticed with PlanetPete. We think it affects him more because he has the Da Vinci DLC so has more characters, so when he plays his machine is kicking out more character types?

These glitches were expectationally bad the last time we played. And I really hope they get these issues fixed for the final release in the Assassins Creed series. Let me give you a few examples.

You would see PlanetPete running and lock on with your hidden gun, you would get a clear shot locked directly onto his back, fire, and nothing.

You would be unable to lock on to press X (Kill) or B (stun)

If you did lock on, you would still be unable most the time to attack. At two points there was two of us trying to kill him while he was blinded by firecrackers and not moving, and neither of us could touch him.

The list of things like that is endless, to the point we wondered if he had some cheat on. Thats when we realised what he was seeing on his screen was different to us. So where we were all seeing his character, was no longer where he was standing, hence we could not kill him.

I love the AC games, but they really need to sort out their multiplayer for the next one. And not having to wait fifteen minutes to find/start a game would also be nice.

When IM Bots go Bad

I get several IM bots try and talk to me, normally its the same ones over and over. Sometimes I play along, or mess with them in the hope the programmers have conversation logs.

There is one  AIM bot that goes by the name Crystlyst9 which gets quite aggressive if you call it a bot. Which makes today’s conversation with it very amusing as its script broke.

I thought I would share the conversation with you:-

—–IM LOGS—————————–


Hurricane Katia 0: Ninja Temple 1

The start of this week saw parts of Wales hit with edges of Hurricane Katia, there was flooding, damage, cats and dogs raining from the sky, the four horsemen of the apocalypse started to saddle thier horses up ready to fly only to have to stand down after health and safety said it was unsafe to ride horses during an apocalypse.*

Luckily With the Ninjas Temple being on high ground, and no where near the coast we survived the worst of the damage & flooding.

Unluckily a rather large, old tree did fall from the excessive winds and smash into the roof of the Ninja Temple. It was impressive, half the building was hidden under the branches of a mighty old tree.

Luckily the temple was built over specification, and the roof is lined with rather thick strong concrete tiles which were able to hold the weight of the tree without doing any obvious damage.

Unluckily it did wipe out the TV aerial. AND during the Rugby World Cup 🙁

Luckily I have a degree in electrical & electronic engineering, with a load of side qualifications in the field. So that particular issue was soon rectified.

So all in all the spiritual power of the Ninja Temple shrugged off the damage dished out by Katia. We are now ready for round 2.

*Some of these actions may not have happened outside of my mind.