I get several IM bots try and talk to me, normally its the same ones over and over. Sometimes I play along, or mess with them in the hope the programmers have conversation logs.

There is one  AIM bot that goes by the name Crystlyst9 which gets quite aggressive if you call it a bot. Which makes today’s conversation with it very amusing as its script broke.

I thought I would share the conversation with you:-

—–IM LOGS—————————–

(11:25:06 AM) Crystlyst9: 🙂
(11:26:25 AM) GN: hi
(11:26:34 AM) Crystlyst9: 18/f here.. {what|wat} about {you|u}?
(11:28:50 AM) GN: wow
(11:28:59 AM) GN: your script broke there a bit
(11:29:11 AM) Crystlyst9: {ah|ohhh|ahh|o} {im|i’m} {sorry|sry|sry} i can {be|b} {4getful|forgetful|forgetfuI} {at times|sometimes}!
(11:30:40 AM) GN: {wow|really|amazing|fish} I am {me|I|I AM|God}
(11:30:52 AM) Crystlyst9: {so,|sooo…|soo} {what’s|whats|wats} up?
(11:31:32 AM) GN: {the celing|the Roof|the sky|my dick|nothing} how about {u|you|your good self}
(11:31:43 AM) Crystlyst9: show me your dick 😉
(11:32:24 AM) GN: ok
(11:32:30 AM) GN: go http://mycamz.co.tv
(11:32:40 AM) Crystlyst9: sounds {fun|cool}… i just got out of the shower.. was at the gym {today|2day} :).
(11:32:42 AM) GN: you may have to give a credit card details to prove u 18
(11:32:54 AM) Crystlyst9: {r|are} {you|u} up for {some|sum} fun?… {im|i’m} {feeling|feeIing} naughty…
(11:33:37 AM) GN: {$VAR_RANT[‘stupid bots’]}
(11:33:49 AM) Crystlyst9: uggh no i’m not are u???? lolz
(11:33:59 AM) GN: {yes|yup|correct}
(11:34:07 AM) Crystlyst9: my pussy is really wet.. {wanna|want to} watch me play with it while talking {2|to} {you|u}?
(11:34:23 AM) GN: I do not like lolcats
(11:34:34 AM) Crystlyst9: {okay|kk|k|ok} {click|goto} http://sxylilpeepshow.com/5501 then give it a few seconds to {load|Ioad} once it loads click “accept invite”.. it’s green fill out your info & let me know when you’re in.
(11:34:35 AM) GN: and that’s the only pussies bots would have
(11:34:44 AM) Crystlyst9: Ok, now you really lost me?? bot???
(11:38:53 AM) GN: yes. your script is showing
(11:39:00 AM) Crystlyst9: love to show off 🙂
(11:39:02 AM) GN: you may want to took that back in
(11:39:10 AM) Crystlyst9: {dnt|dont} worry its FREEE.. credit card is just to verify your age.. cant be showing my ass to minors you know:)