“Once a month four ladies discuss a Vaginal Fantasy book in a G+ Hangout. Interpret at will.”

Thats the premise of this group off their website, and basically thats what it is. Two months back Felicia Day, Bonnie Burton, Veronica Belmont and Kiala Kazebee* teamed up to do a G+ Hangout where they discussed “Vaginal Fantasy”**, I watched the first one simply because I follow some of those ladies on the Twitters and find them very entertaining. Well individually they may be entertaining, combine them into a group, add a helping of alcohol and you get something where the combined awesomeness outweighs the total of the individual parts.

The hangout was so popular that they created a goodreads group, their own website and set it up to be a monthly hangout. Now since I am male and don’t read those lovey-dovey ladies books I did not read the first group book, but simply watched the second hangout for the comedy and fun of the event. I did feel bad, like I was failing, I had joined the book club so I should read the books, or at least try to start them. So when the book for the third hangout was posted I figured “What the hell!” its only one small book, I can give over a short time to reading it, and if I tell no one then my manliness will be safe.

The book was “Slave to Sensation” by Nalini Singh. OK the title was not the best, and the cover art!!! Lets just say “thank the gods for eBooks and leave it at that” The book itself, well the plot was a bit thin, the “Bad guy” was easily identifiable from the start, and there was a lot of just “blurring over” points, or questions. But Guys thats not the point of these books apparently, no! they are a quick read, One maybe two nights and you finish the book, so its fast pulp fiction and the main part is the “romance”.

Buy GUYS I have to let you into a secret the GALS have been keeping to themselves, the romance? well it involves SEX, lots of sex. In fact you could call it soft porn***, OK its not images or photographs, but its descriptive scenes. So just a different kind, maybe men traditionally prefer the visual stimulation and women may like the written where it plays out in their mind. So any guy who is told by a woman that porn is wrong, or she does not like it, I suggest that man have a peak at that womans book collection.

Hell, Guys, if your parter reads “chick romance books” Have a read yourself the next time they are out and you are alone with their books. Trust me, its worth the experience. And defiantly watch the Hangouts, they are one of the best shows on the interwebz at the minute.

And if you catch me reading any of these VF style books, I can assure you its for “Research Purposes” I’m just checking them out “……for a friend

Vaginal Fantasy Details.

Website: http://vaginalfantasy.com/

GoodReads Group: http://www.goodreads.com/group/show/62938.Vaginal_Fantasy_Hangout

Videos: You can find these on Felicia’s youtube channel

  • * Four women who belong to that supposedly mythical group “Geek Girls”
  • ** This term probably does not mean what you think it does
  • *** Yes I know its not really porn, but if you think of it as the stories in “Those” kinds of magazines then it is very similar ;o).