My commute too and from the office is currently being sound-tracked by podcasts of geek based American radio shows. And I will say for the record that on the whole I am really enjoying them, they are very informative and entertaining. I just feel I have to mention the absurdity of this mornings podcast.

Basically the presenter was discussing a news story of the time (The podcast was a couple of weeks old).  The story in question was :-

Veteran White House journalist Helen Thomas has quit her job after she was captured on video saying Israelis should “get the hell out of Palestine” and suggesting they go “home” to Germany, Poland or the United States.

Now the podcast presenter was defending her, saying she was correct, and in response to one comment of “What would the outcry be if she had said that all the blacks should get out of America and go back to Africa” he made a big point of explaining that was different, and that the problem was the Israelis had gone to the country populated by another people and forcibly taken over that country. And that was what was wrong with the whole thing.

There followed a tirade on how occupying some other people country forcibly was very wrong. And all I could think of was. “But you are an American??? you are a people made up from the peoples of lots of other countries, who went to a country already populated by a native race, and forcibly took over that country, locking away the natives in small reserves.” So basically everything bad he was saying about Israel was things America were guilty off. I was wondering if he thought that the Americans should leave and return to the countries they were originally from?

It amused me, so I thought I would Share….