If we don’t all hang together, then surely, we shall all hang separately.

Greetings and Salutations Dear Readers.

I know you’re not supposed to discuss politics and religion in polite society, as it can lead to arguments, duels, wars, genocide, global annihilation “Oh! are the last few just me then?“.  This post is going to be about the forthcoming UK elections, and as such I apologise in advance..

The thing that’s got me thinking about this election more than any previous one is the multiple predictions of “a hung parliament“. A hung Parliament is when no party wins a overall majority, meaning if every other MP voted against them, they would loose any vote and as such be powerless.  A lot of people appear to to believe this will be a good thing, they seem to think that with no majority all the parties will hold hands and work together to make the world a better place.

Personally I disagree. I think that the two main parties will never agree on anything and always vote against each other, which will basically counter each other out. Leaving the deciding votes to the smaller parties. Which means parties like the BNP or such have final say on government policies. I’m sorry but I do not believe that the lives of the many should be ruled by the views of the minority.

For this reason I am not voting for a party. I’m voting for a “not hung parliament

I think we should all throw aside our political views, lets all pick a party and vote for them to make sure someone wins. Now I have no particular favourite. I always voted “Monster Raving Loony Party” until they stopped having a candidate in my area when I switched to one of the Welsh party’s. So from a pure logical point of view, I would like to suggest we all vote Conservatives. Before you Labour people get upset, give me a minute to explain my reasoning.

The country is in a bit of a mess at the minute. To quote some popular media, “its broken Britain”. and as such we need it fixing. Labour have been in power now for 13 years.  I’m not saying that the state of the country is their fault, but, If you saw a old established company going bankrupt would you blame the old owners for the collapse of the company, or the people who have been running it for the last thirteen years?

Change is always good. So maybe the Conservatives are no better than Labour. They are however change. They would be different, they could make the decisions that go against Labours core values. It can only make us stronger. Also if you look at how the Labour Party has been fighting off scandal, and bad press over the last few years, a break from power can only do them the power of good. It will give them a chance to lick their wounds, take stock of the country and their policies and come back fighting at the next election.

So both parties gain, the country can only gain, and more importantly we prevent fringe parties getting control of the country. There are no long term disadvantages to this plan. Please people, for the sake of our once great nation, place an X on your ballot paper for “No Hung Parliament

No matter your views, for the greater good vote Conservatives.