Forty eight years ago today, a cranky old man who lived with his granddaughter in an old London junk yard, kidnapped a couple of school teachers who were just checking up on a pupils “What I did in my summer holiday” essay, and started an adventure that would last 48 years so far, become the longest running Science Fiction series of all time, and kicked of three spin off series (four if you count the failed K9 and Company).

What other TV show has had such impact on so many generations. With films, TV shows, Radio Plays, Books, comics, cartoons, games, etc. I can say not that many.

And in today’s climate when good shows get cancelled after one or two seasons, a show being able to span from 1963 to present day (Or the future really as they have already written the next season).

So we here at the Ninja Temple would like to raise our Sonic Screwdrivers in a sonic celebration of the Worlds favourite Doctor.