Sherlock – Bringing the classic into the Modern age

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The BBC have just finished showing a new three part mini-series call “Sherlock” which brings the Arthur Conan Doyle’s Sherlock Holmes detective stories into the modern day, with modern technology. You have Holmas armed with smartphones, the Internet, modern forensic labs and all the benefits of modern technology. While Watson who’s just back from serving in Afghanistan no longer writes in leather bound journal, but instead has an online blog. Even the famous phrases from the books have been updated, Holmes’s statement when struggling with a hard problem of “This is a three pipe problem” now calmly states “This is a three patch problem” London is mostly no-smoking these days.

Episode 1: “A Study in Pink”
The first episode in any series (even a mini-series) is basically all about introducing the characters, and setting everything up. This can occasionally lead to a slightly slower “starter”. This was not the case with Sherlock, Yes they introduced the characters of Holmes & Watson, and showed their meeting for the first time, and moving into 221b Baker Street. While that was going on they also had time to show shadowy groups, secret criminal masterminds, and one of the best games of Russians roulette you could imagine. (With strong leanings to the princess bride)

Episode 2: “The Blind Banker”
Another brilliant episode that’s starts simply with Watson making Holmes take a simple case (They need the money) from Holmes’ old school friend. A simple “how did someone break into a secure room” case. It’s not long before the case expands into hidden codes, Chinese Triad assassins, Ancient Artifacts, Murder & Romance. With a very tense ending. Theres no relaxing in the middle episode.

Episode 3: “The Great Game”
WOW. What can I say about the season finally that will not give away any spoilers? It starts with a double case, Mycroft Holmes requests help investigating a suspicious suicide and some missing top top secret plans. Meanwhile after a suspected gas explosion across from Holmes flat a locked strong box is found with a letter addressed to Holmes inside. This leads Holmes on a series of challenges set by some mysterious person. Holmes gets less and less time to solve cases before some innocent gets  blown up.  This all leads to a climatic meeting in a swimming pool, and the most annoying “I NEED to see how it ends” endings you could hate to witness.

Basically this show is one of the best things I’ve seen on BBC for a long time, and the way they have brought such a classic character into the modern day is amazing. And I am now waiting for a Second and longer series to begin filming.


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The Guild – Why You should be Looking forward to July 13th

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The release date for the fourth season of “The Guild” has been announced as July 13th.

Now it is possible that this means nothing to you, Maybe you have never heard of the Guild, Or heard just bad things about it, or just that you saw the logo in this post and thought. “Nope. Not for me!“.  Well Read on dear Reader, allow me the chance to change your mind!

The Guild is a Comedy Web Series, written by Felicia Day (Yes her from Doctor Horrible). Its a series about a group of Gamers who play WoW as a guild. And get themselves info some very odd situations.  The best part is its broadcast on Xbox-Live, Zune, MSN, etc before being released on youtube and its own website

So put simply it is a Free web comedy you can watch on your xbox, and its about a group of geeky gamers and the problems that can cause in the real world. What’s not to like? Season 3 even had the Internets Wil Wheaton playing a evil character (Is anyone else spotting the tendency to put him as the badguy? it’s like he’s an English actor :o))

I will admit to having heard a few reasons not to watch the show, and I will address them here.

Reason: “I don’t play WoW, So I won’t get it!”

Answer: I have never played WoW either and I still enjoy the show. You don not have to be a WoW player to “get it”. Any internet gamer who plays multiplayer games should find themselves recognising situations and people, wether your an WoW Guild, A FPS clan, or whatever. Its more about Gamers and less WoW specific.

Reason: “Its got that red head from Buffy in it. I hate Buffy”

Answer: Seriously ? You refuse to watch a very funny show because you did not like Buffy? Madness, Yes Felicia Day had a part in the final season of Buffy, but why hold that against her. She’s an intelligent woman (she writes the guild shows, the comics, etc), She is a real life gamer, and if i dare to be sexist a nice bit of eye candy!.

Reason: “I don’t really have the time”

Answer: WTF? the episodes are like 10 minutes long if that. you can watch a whole season in under two hours. You can make time for that. And all the back episodes are online for you RIGHT NOW!

Now that we have dealt with the negative people out there, I suggest everyone else go to* and go watch the Season 3 recap.

And on a final note we here at Rock The LAN Three-Ninjas would like to wish Felicia Day a Happy Birthday for today.



*: Note Auto Tune the Guild Link is No longer working.

The IT Crowd: Season 4 Premier

The IT Crowd Season 4 Premier airs next Friday, and the nice guys at Channel 4 have put up the 1st episode a week early as a treat for us. Unfortunately its only available for people in the UK. (Or anyone in the US with access to a UK IP/VPN/Proxy) So here’s a mostly spoiler free review.

The official episode writeup is as follows:

Jen wants to stretch herself in the workplace so applies for the post of Entertainment Manager. But when she finds out that amusing her boss Douglas’ business connections has its darker side, she has to turn to Moss and Roy for help.

The IT Crowd kicks off its new season with a classic episode, Roy is devastated after his long term girlfriend leaves him without even saying goodbye, Moss is busy creating the soundtrack to a D&D evening, and Jen wants a new challenge as company Entertainment Manager. Everyone keeps telling her that she is not suited for the job, but she is convinced otherwise. After all, how hard can it be to just take visiting businessmen to the odd show or cultural events?

At this point you know its going to go wrong, especially as people keep hinting the old entertainment manager was basically a pimp. And when she is asked to “entertain” three businessmen who are expecting a week of drinking, wenching, and down right debauchery.

quote: “You took us to something called the vagina monologue, and its just women talking, its false advertising.”

At the same time Douglasis trying to give back his “Shit head of the year” award, he won after a lovely interview with a womans magazine where he described women as beingessentially no different to radiators . along with other sexist views.

quote: I like my women like I like my toast, Hot and consumable with butter

I am going to leave it here so I do not give away the ending, or any of the other bits. I will say, this was a very funny episode, and the cast were on fine form. And if the rest of the season is as good as the 1st episode we are in for a good one. so to the writers & actors I say “Eiffel Tower

I’ll leave you with the wise words of advice. “Have you tried turning it off and on again?

BSG: The Final Flight of the Galactica

Adama: Starbuck, what do you hear?
Starbuck: Nothing but the rain.
Adama: Then grab your gun and bring in the cat.
Starbuck: Aye-aye, sir!


The series has come to the end of its four seasons run. And we have the 2 hour finale, where they get to tie up all the loose strings, and answer all those questions we have been left with over the run up to this grand final!… Or Not.

So the Galactica is damaged to the point it can no longer jump, its being stripped of anything usefull and everyone is moving out to the basestar, When Adama decided to send the old lady out in style with a suicide mission to take on the Cylon colony & basestars. This is the cylon fleet that wiped out humanity, destroyed the more powerful Battlestar Pegasus with just three basestars, and been hammering the undamaged Galactica for the previous four years. And with a huge hole in its side from Boomers FTL jump.

So Galactic jumps into the place of death (Surviving the Jump) It gets the full force of a heavily armed and prepared cylon colonys defenses blasting away at this damaged battlestar, the whole cylon raider fleet attacking it,  Galactica on limited viper defense since stayed with the fleet (and for some reason the two best pilots were running around with guns?), the remaining raptors FTL jumped from inside the pod ripping another huge hole in Galactica. and at the end of the Battle she jumps a stupid huge jump and then her spine breaks, The Huge colony was destroyed by a couple of nukes. And this was a broken Galactica?

So.. Time for answers to the Questions we all been waiting for…The answer is “Its god!” Seriously, after four years that’s what they gave us!

Ok. Lets go.

Why does Baltar and the Six see each other in their Heads..  Oh “Head Baltar” and “Head Six” are angels who are leading the people of the course of God.

Why do some characters keep seeing an Opera House? That’s not really answered but we can only assume its a glimpse of Heaven. Well if heaven is an opera, I for one am spending the rest of my life sinning, I dont like opera.

How come everyone has visions of Hira. We’ll ignore that one

What awoke the final five? oh a song, played by God, which happens to be a song Starbuck was taught by her dad as a young girl, and the location of new~earth.

What happened to the Cylon fleets, they were big enough to take out the 12 colonies but are now reduced to one rebal one, and the main colony which has no basestars? Errr we’ll ignore that one, even though the colonial scouts took photos of basestars by the colony but show you a flashback to roslyn sleeping with a x-studant of hers.

Are the Cylons going to stop their constant revenge against the humans now their colony was destroyed. Remember those missing basestars. Err, lets ignore that and pretend all the nasty cyclons vanished since its gods will.

Why would every person on the fleet vote to give up all technology and live like savages? Come one, no one seen shipwrecked, survivor, we as a species are soft and unable to cope without our technology, and these guys are more technologically dependant than us, and they moved to strange world where they not immune from any diseases, and going to try and live with sticks and stones and native people who are trained hunter/killers.. (I give them a month survival). It would not happen. try getting everyone from the city of London to give up everything and go live on an island with just the clothes off their backs..  Answer Its Gods will.

What was the Cylons Plan? Err we been told about this plan all through the series, and as we reached the end, we never found out.

And The Biggest question. What was Starbuck? Now this is a biggie, after all, we know she died, possibly twice. We saw her ship explode in a vortex, we saw another viper burnt out with her dead body on it when they find earth, so thats two deaths. So is she like head Baltar/Six an angel? Nope, cant be because everyone can see her, she fights, drinks, freks, she kills. She also sees her own Head person of piano player/her dad in the bar reteaching her the song that awoke the final five and holds the path to new earth. So are the writers saying an angel with no knowledge of being an angel is seeing angels? (My head hurts) Well that does not explain the fact she has been drawing the same picture since birth, a picture that shows the way to earth? I know. Lets not answer this hard one and show a flashback to appolo watching a pigeon.

Ok. I got the feeling the writers had a good series, they built up lots of plots, and sub plots, and had like the cylons A PLAN. But as the series came to the end, they gave up, decided juggling all the complicated stuff was too hard, That or they could not think of a way to answer it? so the used a deus ex machina to answer everything.. Oh it was God

That or, since it was the last ever episode, and no comebacks “ie. the series could not be canceled” they decided to just throw in some propaganda. Everyone there is one true god, all worship the god, robots, ai, abortions, technology bad, nature and god good…

I feel bad for the series send off, Although the fleet flying into the sun to the theme from the original series was a nice touch.