Dont tell the Insane Asylum

Well last night the SysAdmins of the Insane Asylum had the closest thing to an Office Party/Do/Event for the celebration of the Winter shutdown that the Insane Asylum will be having this year.

The DemonPenguin and Myself went from the office to see Avater 3D.  Well what do you expect SysAdmin to do to celebrate? other than go, drink beer, and watch a new release scifi movie in glorious 3D.

So we shot from the Asylum (located in the welsh wilderness) to the cinema (located in England).  There was a slight Miss-hap as my mind went to sleep and the autopilot drive ended up taking me to an x-colleagues house, luckily I woke up in time to get to the cinema with only the slightest detour.

First up was food, Steak & Chips washed down with chilled beer. And by great timing we got to leave not long after the place was invaded by a swarm of small people (Children not Midgets).   Then on to the movie.

NOTE: Just thought I’d share this as its confusing me. According to the inbuilt spell check on this blog the word movie is being shown as spelt wrong.

On to the movie. I have to say Avatar is amazing, it is a movie all should watch, and if you are going to watch it you need to do it in 3d.  I wont review the film, since I do not want to ruin it for anyone. All I will say is two things, 1) you really really need to go see this film.  2)Why don’t people learn the lessons from Jedi? No matter how heavily armed you are with advanced technology, a bunch of ewoks armed with sticks can defeat you!

This is a lesson anyone who wants to destroy america should pay attention to. Ignore bombs, soldiers, just ship in crates of monkeys armed with sticks and watch America drop to its knees.