Public Service Announcement – What does NeeNaw NeeNaw + Flashing Blue Lights Mean?

Public Service Announcement

I feel that some assistance may be needed among my fellow drivers in identifying the strange flashing blue lights, often accompanied by a strange siren like noise that you occasionally spot while driving. And more importantly the correct way to react in these situations.

When you see the lights or hear the siren do not panic, you are not about to be attacked by aliens or some mythical creature. All that is happening is an emergency vehicle (Ambulance, Fire-engine, Police Car, etc.) has been called to an emergency and is passing close to you in its route. There is nothing to fear.

The correct response is to “Safely” pull over to the side of the road if needed to allow the vehicle past you. Remember time is of the essence, so they need to get to the emergency A.S.A.P. to possibly save lives. So as long as it is safe do what you can to allow the speedy process of the vehicle. Its as simple as that.

Here ends the Public Service Announcement.

And I will recount the instance that has prompted this post. It happened today on my way home from work. I was traveling along the road and had come to a crossroads. The lights were on for cars joining the road from a side road, only those turning right had come to a stop due to lights further down the road. It was at this point I heard the sirens of an Ambulance travelling towards me. As it got nearer and was about to pass the junction a large Van decided it was not waiting for space and pulled out to turn right even though there was no space, so it was on the “Yellow Box” which in UK road laws you are not allowed to enter unless your exit is clear. Worse than that, as it was a large van, and at an angle it completely blocked the junction forcing the Ambulance to come to a stop, and wait for all the other cars to move and mount pavements so the van could go on its way freeing up the junction for the Ambulance. Hopefully the delayed arrival time did not make the difference between life&death. It did make me wish a little maliciously that it was heading to the home of the van driver.

When is a simple task not a simple task….

Last Friday it was pointed out to me that the sidelight on the drivers side was not working on my car. Now changing the bulbs on a car is a simple task so I pencilled in doing some maintenance at the weekend.

So Saturday afternoon I pop the hood and look at the back of the light fitting to see what kind of bulb I need. Imagine my surprise when I realised the lamp I wanted was behind a bit of metal chassis. OK. Not to worry, I have the owners manual so I’ll check what they say about bulb replacement.

The entry for side lights & indicators was simply “For this task we suggest taking the vehicle to your supplier for them to deal with” WTF?? Since when has replacing a simple sidelight bulb needed the vehicle dealers to do? Pah at them.

So I take a look to see how big a job it is to gain access to the bulb. Right. to gain access to the back of the lighting unit you have to remove the lighting unit. So far so simple. Only the lighting unit is behind the front grill & bodywork. So you have to remove the front of the car to get at the lighting unit, to remove the lighting unit to gain access to the lamp to simply unplug it, and plug a new one in.

How fraking stupid is that design ?

Several hours of major mechanical work just to get access to a 30 second maintenance job.

Needless to say, my side light is still not working.

It’s this stupid movie. It’s called “Coffins from Hell.”

Just a quickie post: The Blog equivalent of a Knee trembler on the fire-escape at the back of a night club. Or if you was a Tiv Regular back in “the good ole days!” then a quick visit to that middle floor seating area.

Hang on… I’ve gone of topic slightly, and to be fair any mention of the Tiv deserves a full blog post for itself. Maybe someday… Right, for now back to “the Big Picture” of this quick post, and the lesson for the week that I wish to impart to you.

One Last tangent: 10 Film Geek Points to anyone who connects the post title to the content. (easy one)

R:You know for a <quote>Just a quickie post</quote> you have so far “babbled” for 112 words?

GN:You actually counted them? Sheeeesh, you have way too much time on your hands!”

R: Duh!!!! If I did not, I wouldn’t be reading your blog would I?

GN:Fair Point. I’ll give you that. Now Back to the story…..

To tell you the truth, I’ve now forgotten what I was going to post about, “Hey it is a Monday morning. I can be forgiven!” The Big Picture, that was it.

This morning as I drove to work I was stopped on a hill by the car in front of me wishing to turn right, and was waiting for a break in the oncoming traffic or a nice driver to stop and let him cross. We were there for quite a while as a silly amount of cars came past in a constant stream. After about five minutes the driver gave up and drove on, planning on taking a different longer route to where he wanted to go.

Now if he had looked at “The Bigger Picture” or at least ocular mapped the area, he would have realised two important things.

1) The reason there was so much traffic coming down the hill was due to the road works slightly higher up the hill, which were on Red for us, Green for them.

2) If he waited for lights to change he could have turned with no problem.

As it was he drove past his turning and got stuck in the row of cars waiting for the lights to change.

So people, Always look at the big picture. Take that extra few seconds to look outside of your comfort zone.  See why things are as they are, and how they affect you. You could end up saving yourself a lot of hassle and problems.

Remember Rome was not built in a day. But with modern technology we could flatten it in minutes. It makes you think!

Cyborgs Work for the RAC

An interesting thing happened to me on the way to work…

Start Car and leave home heading to the Insane Asylum, Stop off at petrol station and fill up on diesel. I notice one of my tires is looking a bit deflated, so after failed attempts at humor to make it feel a bit better i pull over to the air compressor for a “top up” only the machine is broke :o(

No problems“. Say I.. Off we head to work, about a half mile from the office there is a garage, so I stop, and make use of their working compresser.

Jump back into the car, turn key. and watch as the Glow Plug light flashes on and off doing an impression of an indicator light. “Humm” think I, “thats a bit odd“, but try starting the car anyway.

chugga chugga chugga….. chugga chugga chugga….

Nothing? no starting. nothing…

Arse, open bonnet, realise I not know much about the modern diesel engine, but prod about a bit in the male belief that “it cant hurt!“. Jump back into car… Nothing.

Ok, I may be male, but I admit my limitations. Quick phone to the helpful RAC people. And caused some slight amusement. examples:-

Me: “My car wont start, the diesel light is flashing and it just doesnt start

RAC: “Whats the correct term for that light?

Me: “err no idea… I call itthe yellow coil light

RAC: “Theres a proper name for it

Me: “Hang on, I’m googling it now.”

RAC: “You said you were stuck on the side of a road?

Me: “Got to love iphones!

So the emergency call was sent out, and so I just had to wait the one hour estimated turn up time. So I amused myself talking to the fellow inmates at the asylum on NetIM (See reference to Jibber Jabber)

RAC Borg

Ok, so RAC mechanic turns up. I get out of car and explain the problem, “yellow coil light flashes, and engine no work!” (I’m good with technical wordies me!).  To demonstrate my point more, I attempt to start my car.

Hummmmm, Odd!” says the mechanic, Who pops the hood, leans on the car looks at the engine “Humm” goes to the drivers side, and starts the engine on his first go.  He then proceeds to stop and start the engine several times to check its working.

This is my second call out today” He says looking thoughtful, “And both times the car has just worked as soon as I turned up!

The mans a Borg. the one time he touched the car he released nanobots that repaired the damage.  I will be recommending the RAC to everyone now.