Pick a Card, Any Card

QUICK! Think of a regular pack of 53 cards. Pick one of those cards.

“You picked the Joker right?”

Don’t feel bad if you did, 80% of people will pick the Joker when asked, because I mentioned 53 card deck, not 52.  People are easy to manipulate. Lets try some more.

Think of a Card, any card, make a bright image of it in your mind.

“You thinking heart/diamond?”

Make sure you have a feel for the card! *bang fist to chest*

“You thinking heart now?”

You seeing how you can influence people into thinking along the lines you want?  Lets have a couple of more.

Think of a card, see the number of the card in your mind.

OK, so you will not be picking Jack,Queen, King!

Think of a card, concentrate, see the picture on the card!

Now its likely to be a face card, Jack, Queen, King.

You put a load of these slight suggestions together into the sentence asking them to pick a card, and you will be able to guess the correct card 9 times out of 10.

This is the very basic beginings of more complicated mind control/Influence like the things Derren Brown does.

I am trying to teach myself these Jedi Mind Powers, and have decided to blog some of my experiments, thought, suggestions, as I go along.

So watch this space.

Mind Power

I have been thinking. I know a dangerous occurrence!

We all know that we are all different physically, we all do things in different ways. But have you ever considered if we all do things differently mentally?

I’m curious, where when you think do you feel you are thinking, DO you think in pictures, words, I always assumed we thought the same, but do we?

So I am thinking of coming up with a series of questions to put to people in a slight survey of the mental processes.