Attack of the Deadly Dancers

This weekend I had a meeting with a representative of a local troupe of Belly Dancers (OI! get your mind out the gutter, I was not booking them for a private showing!) I was there in the guise of a possible “consultant“.belly-dancer

Now I can imagine lots of good consultant roles in relationship to belly dancing, for example :- Checking things shimmy as they are supposed to, Making sure the costumes do not cover too much up, and a load of other sexist stuff I could come up with but will resist, (Which considering the consultant request is a wise choice).

The consultant role they wanted from me was that of “Escrima Instructor.” Yes teaching them Filipino Martial Art Stick Fighting. This was not due to my first thought of keeping the viewers back, or dealing with any amorous fans.  NO! they are considering incorporating it into their dance routine.  Apparently there is a school of belly dance that uses sticks as part of the show, and these girls decided if they were going to do that then they should do it somewhat special.

So as a conscientious kind of instructor, If I agree to teach these girls escrima then i really need to know roughly what kind of styles they need to learn. So I believe some research is needed. For this reason I may be slow replying to people for the next week or so as I force myself to watch hours of videos of scantily clad women shimmy and dance. Its a hard life but someone has to do it!

Demos & Dogs

Well Saturday went differently from planned.

I was supposed to be taking part of a Martial Arts demo at a school fete on Saturday afternoon, but alas it was called off at short notice, so I found myself at a loose end…

But luckily as phoned to let me know the good/bad news he mentioned that he was off with to take Jeff for a walk over the hills, and invited me along..

So a good afternoon was had, Its been years since i went for a walk through the countryside, I’d forgotten how much I used to enjoy it, ok, my legs moaned at me the following day for using them more than I normally do, but it was worth it. Nice walk, nice countryside, nice weather, Nice pint or two later.. And most importantly Jeff…

Welsh Weather

Got to love the welsh weather.

Just finished training in chester where its hot and dry, jump into the car to drive home, and as soon as i got to the “welcome to wales” sign.. Torrential Rain!!

Only in wales :0)

The Weekend – AKA The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly

I not posted for a while, so Figure I’ll post some kind of update while waiting for a phone call/email/contact of some form….

So weekend just gone : –

The Good
Well went out sat night, had a nice meal in a place where the staff were dressed up as pirates, so got to eat good food, talk random shite with friends, while enjoying the view of some of the waitresses in sexy pirate outfits…

The Bad
Alas I was injured during saturday mornings training session, (The annoying thing was I almost did not go,  due to having to take my car for service, and a feeling of cant be arsedness). Anyway, we were doing some ground work, and in a kind of freespar session at the end my neck got bent forward past its point of normal movement and there was a cracking kinda noise.. And now I have a bad case of whiplash going on.  :0(

The Ugly
After hearing a crack in my neck (Not a noise you want to hear) I took a few seconds before moving to check I had feeling in my extremities, and could move everything, Then moved off the mat to double check I was fine, before getting back into the ring as it were.  Then at the end the Instructor gave a huge rant, bollocking about people stopping mid spar, and how its crap, and must not be done, you should keep fighting.. and so on.. Personally I believe if you receive an injury that could be serious, the sensible thing to do is check yourself out before continuing to fight and make it worse..

Well back to work for a bit…

Petition Time

The proposed ban on the import, sale and manufacture of swords will have an adverse effect on legitimate practitioners, collectors and manufacturers. Actual sword related crime is very rare and does not warrant a ban that affects the cultural activities of thousands of legitimate martial artists, collectors and smiths. Current legislation is quite adequate to deal with violent crime connected with bladed weapons. New legislation is merely for show. Enforcing such a ban will also affect cultural events such as Scottish Sword Dancing and many Sikh festivals. We urge the PM to reconsider this knee jerk reaction to media influenced scaremongering.

Please sign up. (Not that the government ever listen to the people, but its worth a try!!) And let us insane MA types keep access to our training tools…..

MA Dvd’s

Well I finally got around to finding all the dvd’s and cd’s I have scattered about the place, and put them all in the same place, nicely stored in a metal dvd box…

Now they all in one place I realise I have no where near as many as I thought I had. Either that or I have not yet found them all…

Ah well back to work…