RIP Dogmeat

DogmeatRIP Dogmeat, You were a faithful companion for a long time. You traveled with me across the wastlands protecting me from the weird creatures that live in the wilderness.

But why did you have to be so reckless, Why did you take on 5 giant ants at once? You made me break my rule on restoring from a savepoint. Which is something I never do!!!

And then you stupid stupid dog, You went and got yourself killed again. Even though I told you to stay put, and not move you ran again to your death against the ants.

RIP. You are gone but not forgotten.

Assassins Creed Brotherhood – Attack of the Glitch

As mentioned in This Post We finally got Assassins Creed Brotherhood (Or ACB as it will be known for the rest of this post) working fine for us to play together, and we have had a few good games. Now there has always been the odd glitch, people doing the lag jump, or cries of “How did you get me, you were no where near?” And other slight but manageable glitches.

Only recently these glitches have got worse. Especially as we have noticed with PlanetPete. We think it affects him more because he has the Da Vinci DLC so has more characters, so when he plays his machine is kicking out more character types?

These glitches were expectationally bad the last time we played. And I really hope they get these issues fixed for the final release in the Assassins Creed series. Let me give you a few examples.

You would see PlanetPete running and lock on with your hidden gun, you would get a clear shot locked directly onto his back, fire, and nothing.

You would be unable to lock on to press X (Kill) or B (stun)

If you did lock on, you would still be unable most the time to attack. At two points there was two of us trying to kill him while he was blinded by firecrackers and not moving, and neither of us could touch him.

The list of things like that is endless, to the point we wondered if he had some cheat on. Thats when we realised what he was seeing on his screen was different to us. So where we were all seeing his character, was no longer where he was standing, hence we could not kill him.

I love the AC games, but they really need to sort out their multiplayer for the next one. And not having to wait fifteen minutes to find/start a game would also be nice.

Assassins Creed Brotherhood Connection Madness

I have been enjoying the game Assassins Creed Brotherhood, Especially the online Multiplayer (You may recall Assassins Creed Brotherhood AKA You can’t Run but You can Hide!). It makes a great change from FPS games like COD. SO PlanetPete and myself convinced some other members of the COD group we play with to also get the game.

In theory this gave us an increased group to play ACB with. In truth its failed miserably. Me & PlanetPete can join a group and play together no problem, and CampyPhil & MIAdave can play together no problem. BUT if anyone tries to join the other group they get “the session is unreachable” So neither PlanetPete or Myself can play against the other two, and neither of them can play against us.

Now our original thought was that maybe it was an odd routing issue, with them being in a different part of the UK to us, Well luckily PlanetPete went to visit them and took his hard-drive with him. And with his hard drive plugged into MIADaves’s xbox he was able to join me, yet with MIADave’s hard drive plugged in “session is unreachable

It makes no SENSE!!!!

Has anyone else had this issue? Do you know a solution?


Update, PlanetPete purchased the DaVinci DLC. And now we are unable to play together, even with his DLC turned off. Come on UbiSoft you have somehow broken an important part of the game. Online Multiplayer. This was the first Assassins Creed with multiplayer, and you seem to have done something to prevent friends playing against each other. We have a group of people, some who only bought the game to play together who are unable to actually play together. FIX IT NOW!

The ups & downs of the PSN

If you are a gamer then you are probably aware that the PlayStation Network went down on April 20th. After a few days it was revealed that the reason for the outage was due to Sony checking the system after they discovered the network had been compromised. The original belief was that PSN would be down for a few days while the vulnerability was patched. This caused two large outcries from the gaming community :-

PSN Users:NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!! What will we do?

Xbox Live Users: HAHAHAHAHA

Now, I am one of the lucky ones who have both. Oh before you ask, no I did not scream NOHAOOHAOOHAOOHA!

A short while later when Sony discovered the full extent of the depth of penetration their system had encountered, They decided (Rightly in my opinion) to use this downtime to do a overhaul on the security of the PSN and related systems. Leading to a much longer downtime for gamers than was originally advertised.

As of the date of publish for this post, PSN has be partially brought back online for most people, Multiplayer gaming is possible, and Sony are doing their best to get all services back online for all players. They are also compensating users for the inconvenience. There will be a list of games that you can pick three from to download, there will be free months use of PSN+, and a lot of other gifts from Sony.

Now I think this is very good of them, they did not have to give away anything to compensate users for the unavailability of what is a free resource. Yes those who pay for PSN+ or other paid for systems deserved a month or two of their subscription back. But for everyone to get a gift, that’s something they did not have to do, and I think its very decent of them.

For those of you in Europe you can read more on what you will be offered here.