Pick a Card, Any Card

QUICK! Think of a regular pack of 53 cards. Pick one of those cards.

“You picked the Joker right?”

Don’t feel bad if you did, 80% of people will pick the Joker when asked, because I mentioned 53 card deck, not 52.  People are easy to manipulate. Lets try some more.

Think of a Card, any card, make a bright image of it in your mind.

“You thinking heart/diamond?”

Make sure you have a feel for the card! *bang fist to chest*

“You thinking heart now?”

You seeing how you can influence people into thinking along the lines you want?  Lets have a couple of more.

Think of a card, see the number of the card in your mind.

OK, so you will not be picking Jack,Queen, King!

Think of a card, concentrate, see the picture on the card!

Now its likely to be a face card, Jack, Queen, King.

You put a load of these slight suggestions together into the sentence asking them to pick a card, and you will be able to guess the correct card 9 times out of 10.

This is the very basic beginings of more complicated mind control/Influence like the things Derren Brown does.

I am trying to teach myself these Jedi Mind Powers, and have decided to blog some of my experiments, thought, suggestions, as I go along.

So watch this space.