14 years after the show ended,  and 7 years after the film They have made a 10th season of the show.

Now pay attention Hollywood!

Not a reboot,

Not a remake!

But a continuation, building off what has already been done.

Because of this new season, I have been re-watching the original season (way back from 1993) and I have noticed two interesting things.


The technology is so primitive, The “advanced” technology the government has in the show, seems to be just a few steps up from chisels & slates. Yet I am sure when I last watched it, way back in 93 I was impressed with the technology. And lets just gloss right over the outfits & hairstyles of the time.


Each episode consists of Mulder & Scully investigating an X-File. Mulder believes from the beginning, while Scully is the sceptic. And together they solve the mystery. BUT! once or twice an episode, Scully will go to make a phone call, go home, go to a lab to run tests, basically leave the area. As soon as she is gone, Mulder will witness something “supernatural” like a UFO, A lizard man, Alien Abductions, some weirdness.  Then when the “close encounter” is over and everything’s back to normal, Scully will come running up looking for Mulder.

Now I ask you. Where have we seen this behaviour before?

Clark Kent running off to phone for help, and as soon as he is out of sight Superman arrives to save the day. Then the day being saved, Superman flies off and Clark returns from “getting help”.

How about Peter Parker, running away, running for help, being trapped and Spider-Man turning up to do his thing. Then after Spidey leaves, Peter is found/returns.

We know..

Clark Kent = Superman

Peter Parker = Spider-Man

So following Sci-Fi Logic

Dana Scully = All supernatural events! or a shape-shifter. (Martian-Manhunter?)


Basically. I suspect it is all her! that is the way the evidence points!!!!