So it’s been announced today that Wrexham has “WON” and we are to get the UK’s first Massive Super Prison. This is a similar “Winning” to when you go to get checked out at the VD clinic and “WIN” a course of treatment.

Wrexham as a town has been declining for a while, there are almost as many closed shops as there are open ones, and there are barley enough stalls in the three Indoor markets to actually fill one.

On top of all this, with a spate of bad press and none flattering headlines, several campaigns have started to try and change Wrexham for the better, and improve public opinion.

All of this is now Pointless, since with the Super Prison coming to Wrexham, public opinion will just associate the Name Wrexham with Prison. So Wrexham is doomed. UNLESS

I heard a rumour that because Wrexham is already mostly closing down, and has a poor public reputation, that they were just going to build a big wall around Wrexham. I believe the Prison architects cited Case studies of “NewYork” “L.A.” “Arkham Asylum” as good examples of a cheap easy way to build a super Prison.

In related news Paramount Pictures to start work on a new Snake Plissken film.