I have finaly stepped into the twitterverse. Ok, not really stepped into it yet, I’m currently stood on the side with one toe in the water testing the temprature before jumping in.

twitterI have been lurking around social networking since before it was even called “social networking”, I was a SPOD on the old telnet talkers, I was on IRC before it was full of botnets, ICQ from the begining, then Livejournal, myspace, Bebo, tagged, facebook, linkedin, etc, ad infinitum…. Yet I have never had a twitter account, or so much as looked at a twitter page. Now this is a bit odd since I have accounts on little used systems, yet none on one of the biggies.

I know facebook and MySpace and such may be much bigger than Twitter, but where else do you get celebrities, governments, newspapers posting news and personal thoughts on a daily if not hourly schedule? Where can you read people like Kevil Smiths thoughts without a team of trained ninjas and the knowledge of where he hides his diary (Its in his sock draw)

So I am now on twitter, not really posted much yet and already have 3 followers. And I should get the CodeNinja & Co. on there soon as well.

So for those of you alreay swiming the seas of the twitterverse I am GreatGothNinja (http://twitter.com/GreatGothNinja)

Hopefully I will see you there.