Today at the Asylum we lost the interwebz for a reasonable length of time. And everyone looked confused over what to do, while those with iPhones tried to grab bits of the net to hug and pet, and remember the good times.

This led to the question being asked “what did we do before the Internet

Suggestion 1 was read.  Err I read ebooks these days that I store online till I need them

Suggestion 2 was chat to people but with every flavour of I’m down how could we chat. And how exactly do you LOL or use smilies without a keyboard?

Suggestion 3 was write. Apparently with pen and paper?. Then you would put the letters inside other bits of paper and write someone’s name on it and drop it in a box. A box on the side of the road?. Some people would come along then and take it to whoever’s name you wrote on the envelope? It could take days to get there, if it got there at all. Well without ip’s or mx records no wonder it would take so long.

So there you have it, in these days of working online, using cloud services, VoIP phones, emails, even IM for internal communication, the average office worker is lost and unable to be productive without the Internet.

Personally I was scanning the area for unsecured wifi to deal with my addiction.