The overall theme of the weekend was “Time Travel“, And not just in the way Adults seem to travel back to their youth when presented with Chocolate Easter Eggs.

Neither was it purely because the new season of Doctor Who started back up on Saturday evening, with a bang and [REDACTED], Sorry I had to redact that last bit for in the words of River song “Spoilers!!!” So I shall say no more on that subject. (EDITOR: “Unless I write a review of the new series or episode)

The main Time Travel I am referring to is the feeling of being back in the past I experienced on the Saturday evening. I had gone around to a friends house while his wife was away. The evening involved some Multiplayer Age of Empires 3, a game (well AoE1) we used to play back in the days when we were work colleagues. Then a call to Domino’s to bring us Pizza & Chicken strips STAT.. All while some Junk-TV played in the background.  This used to be the useual way to end a nights training down the Dojo, Pizza & Junk.

In fact all we were missing for it to have been one of those nights from the distance past was a good conspiracy theory documentary playing on the TV.