The Last meeting of the Year

This evening was my last Masonic meeting of 2023!

It was Wrexhamian Lodge’s December meeting, which is usually more of a social meeting, and a chance for us all to escape families between Christmas and New Year.

The night was cursed with multiple issues, like the Caterers had booked out the Festive Board room without asking us, so we were forced to eat upstairs in a small room. And the Lodge room and upstairs doors have been secured with keylocks, which the Lodges have not been given the codes too.  Luckily all the bar staff have access to the Lodge room so we were able to get one of them to let us in. When we eventually got in and setup, we found we were short a few officers, so I stood in as JW.

The night had 3 talks/presentations.

  • A daily advancement of Masonic Knowledge.
  • The Royal Arch, and what’s it about.
  • The MCF, where does our money go.

It ended up being an enjoyable evening, and a great way to see out 2023. 

I think I did accidently agree to give a talk at the Next Wrexhamian Chapter meeting.