Seaside Day Trip!

Today it was the Provincial Craft/Chapter AGM at Venue Cymru Llandudno, and since this year I was an Active Chapter Officer I had to be there early for the last minute rehearsals.  This meant I had to get up at super silly o’clock to make sure I was in Llandudno for 8am.

This year for the first time we were using electronic tickets for admission, so as soon as rehearsals were over I jumped into my Steward role to man the main doors and scan everyone in as they turned up, which was a fun new experience. At 10 it was time to line up with the other officers to parade into the meeting before the Provincial Grand Chapter opened. 

After the Chapter AGM, I met up with some friends to grab some Lunch, and maybe a pint, before jumping back into the Stewards role for scanning in the afternoon attendees for the Provincial Grand Lodge. Since I have no active role in the PGL I got to just sit back and enjoy the meeting, and then helped collect alms before the meeting ended, and I met up with friends to travel home together. Stopping at a pub for some drinks on the way.

It was a long day, but a fun long day where you get to meet up with people you often only see at the annual AGM.