Last week we here at the Ninja Temple got our hands on two tickets to See Take That live in concert.  Basically GothNinja (Myself) Won them from a competition that came with my new phone. Now none of us wanted to go see them, since we are all male, straight, with a reasonable taste in music 🙂

CN:Just Joking. Please Don’t take offence!

GN:Yes, Just joking. MN has a lousy taste in music

Anyway, since none of us wanted the tickets our thought was to offer them as a prize in a competition we could run on this site & twitter/Facebook. Unfortunately the tickets were for this Thursday (In Glasgow) which did not give us enough time to get the tickets shipped to us, then out to the winner. Also due to the short notice they decided to just leave the tickets in my name at the box-office, which you will need photo ID to collect.

So We’re sorry, especially to all Take That fans who were unable to get tickets to any of the shows, and now hear that we have two tickets that will not be used.

We will try and make it up to you guys, and try and organise some competition with a suitable prize in the near future!

The Three Ninjas.