This entry is part 1 of 3 in the series PDSCEDFTROTY (YTIH)

Well NaNoWriMo has now finished for another year, or maybe half an year since there are super-secret plans afoot for a private friends only NaNoWriMo challenge for a month other than November, AKA a less busy month. I now find myself challenge free, so I have decided to take part in a little something called PDSCEDFTROTY (YTIH).

Yes, it is a catchy little title that runs off the tongue. It stands for “Project Do Something Creative Every Day For The Rest Of The Year (Yes, This Includes Holidays)” And you can read more about it at Wil’s blog over at WWdN: In Exile.

So for every day left in this year I will attempt to do something creative. You have to admit that sounds good right until the voices in the back of your mind remind you that today is December the 1st, and there are just 31 days left this year. But HEY, thats 31 days of creativity.

This also means I will be spamming you guys with 31 update posts of creativity (hopefully), Yes that’s at least a post a day for the month of December. So everyone cross your fingers and wish me luck as I start my PDSCEDFTROTY (YTIH).


This entry is part 2 of 3 in the series PDSCEDFTROTY (YTIH)

Ha! I bet you thought I had forgotten all about PDSCEDFTROTY (YTIH) didn’t you? Well sorry to disappoint you all, especially the person who keeps poking me to ask have I given up on it yet. I know I originally mentioned spamming you with 31 posts giving a day by day review of my attempts. When I though about it afterwards I realised that would be unnecessary, and probably very boring to both write & read.

The new plan is to do a run-down post at the end of the challenge, and maybe the odd relevant post along the way. I think that’s a better way to organise it,  I just need this post to let those who are interested know what’s going on, and to announce that I have not forgotten or given up on PDSCEDFTROTY (YTIH).


Challenge Chart up to Dec 15th


This entry is part 3 of 3 in the series PDSCEDFTROTY (YTIH)

Well December is now over, well the year 2010 is over, well technically the decade is over and this all means one thing. Yes the end of PDSCEDFTROTY (YTIH), this is a good thing since its not as easy to say as NaNoWriMo, and does not so much roll off the tongue as give you mouth strain. Anyway, Its time I posted an update of how I did in this challenge. So here it is.

I did quiet well, At the start of the challenge I failed only one day, and that was due to a 48 hour flu like bug that really wiped me out one day. And I refuse to accept gibbering insanely to myself as “creative”. After that one glitch I was doing well until Christmas time when I was hit with “Vampire eye” again, and a bad case which temporary blinded me in one eye for several days, and caused such unbelievable pain, that my only creative thoughts were based on ways to remove my eye and put an end to the pain :(. So all in all I failed five days out of a total thirty one. Which I am claiming as a triumph.

No I know that some of you will be thinking “Yes, of course you stuck to it!” in a tone of thought that implies you doubt me. To you I say “How can you doubt this face?”. I will also say I had help, help in the guise of a book. My sister got me a book for my birthday one creative writing, and training your mind to write and help get past blocks. It does this with instructions and a series of five minute creative challenges, which you are supposed to do one a day.

And that’s what I did, a challenge a day. And to prove to the unbelievers, I shall post some of the results on here.