100 Day Challenge 2013

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It’s that time of year again, where I try and combat the meh of Writers Block, Artistic Avoidance, and a general all round lack of enthusiasm with our private 100 day challenge based on The 100 day challenge.

So Starting May 1st we will be doing a creative thing a day for 100 days.

As with The challenge the creative thing can be, drawings, art, poetry, writing, anything as long as its creative (and one piece a day)

day 1 - 100 days challenge

100 Day Challenge 2013 – Update

This entry is part 2 of 2 in the series 100 Day Challenge 2013

day 1 - 100 days challenge

We can announce that both the DemonPenguin and the YoYoMan have signed up for the 100 Day Challenge.

I love the smell of competitiveness in the Morning.

Let the Challenge Commence!



Handy Links

GothNinja = @GreatGothNinja = http://100days.three-ninjas.co.uk

DemonPenguin = @Demonpengu = http://100days.demonpenguin.co.uk

YoYoMan = NOT ON TWITTER = http://www.100days.girue.co.uk

PlanetPete = @MaguirePete = http://www.chimontendo.org/ct