The latest toy useful tool at the Ninja Temple is a nice little 7inch Android tablet. Now, being new to the Android OS, it was not long before the question was raised. “Is it as easy to Root a ‘Droid as it is to Jailbreak an iPhone?

It was not long after this question was asked that we put life & limb on the line (well we risked bricking the new toy tool) to find out the answer. For those of you interested its Stupidly easy.

This is a walk-through of how we rooted out 7inch scroll tablet (and unlike the iPhone Walk-through no beer was involved).

This is an educational set of Instructions, We do not advise breaking any warranty’s, and any damages you get from rooting your own device is no responsibility of anyone associated with the Three Ninjas, yadda yadda yadda (insert general sensible disclaimer here)

Ok, the boring stuffs out the way so on to business :-

1) Files.

Before we start you will need to download a couple of files.


Android Terminal Emulator

Usual disclaimer about files not kept on this site.

2) Install Apps.

Copy the two files above onto the SDcard in your device. Then using any filemanager (including any that come with your device) Install both applications onto your device.

3) Root away,

Make sure your device is plugged into a power supply, since the last thing you want is for the battery to die mid rooting and cause bricking to occur.

Run z4root. Then choose between “Temporary Root” (will only be rooted till next reboot, good for testing it works), and “Permanently Root” (This is the full one)

4) Enjoy your rooted device.

Yes, that’s it, you now have a rooted device. “What you don’t believe its so easy?” OK remember that Terminal Emulator we installed? go run it and at the prompt type su, and watch as you jump into SuperUser mode.