We here at the Ninja Temple would like to take a minute to give our respect and thanks to the real life heroes who stepped up when they were needed yesterday at the Boston Marathon.

The Videos of the first explosion show the first-responders running towards the explosions before the smoke even clears, No concern for their own safety or that more could go off, they ran towards danger because people needed help.

There were medical people taking part in the marathon, and even after running for 26 miles they went right to helping the injured, or helped at the medical tents.

Other runners who had just ran the 26 Miles continued running to the nearest Hospital so they could donate much needed blood.

Then there were the people who lived local who brought out drinks and blankets for the runners who were stranded waiting for the area to be declared safe.

And the Coffee shops opening up their wifi to let people contact each other, recharge their phones, and have drinks even if they did not have money on them.

Basically you only really see the inerrant good in the human race when they step up under such evil situations and show the true meaning of “human spirit”

To all the people affected by the incident we send out thought, wishes, and prayers.

And to those who showed the good in mankind we Salute you, and send our thanks.

The Three Ninjas Staff