There is a website which will go through your old tweets and turn them into poetry (different types of poems) So for a laugh I pointed it at my Twitter stream, and this is the masterpiece it gave me..



Merry Christmas all.
Out I had more than I thought.
Walked past a snowman in the hall.
Brothers (hobgoblin on draught)

Not good
Pic’s from the top of the mountain
Welcome to adulthood!!!
You can say that again!!!

For Educational and Cultral Reasons
There tonight. So the bar was open.
Based off older organisations”

Thanks. I will try my best
Then discussion & blogs later.
I’m a grown up. Honest!



Boring things

It would be worth researching.
To hear. I shall recall the bots
Yet. Only just got out of meeting
St. Andrew’s Day you mad Scot’s

And the other a late 80s reprint.
& Cookies do go well together
Good point.
Should notice when torturing her.

Nice. I linked to gord earlier
Be 1 day out all week.. Muhahahaha
Nice. The more the merrier
Mine,,,, MINE…… Muhahahahaha
On “Newbie” setting. It’s easier



Couldnt resist

I shall have to look into that.
We have hope?
There’s a hat?

Closed ;-( Now we have taken over
The could be a Nigerian scammer.
I have no image on back cover.

Pic’s from the top of the mountain

Coffee, and shortbread biscuits


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