One for sorrow,
Two for joy,
Three for a girl,
Four for a boy,
Five for silver,
Six for gold,
Seven for a secret never to be told.


OK, So we are all aware of the Magpie fortune telling poem. “What do you mean you have no idea what I am on about?” Right for a primer go read this “Greetings Mr Magpie. One for Sorrow…” I will wait here for you while you do.

***Time Passes***

OK, So we are NOW all aware of the Magpie fortune telling poem, But I have some Questions relating to it.

1) How do you count the Magpies?

You see a magpie by itself and you go “ONE”, Then you see another one and go “TWO” but? Is it two or is it two single Magpies?

2) Is there a set area in which to count the Magpies?

If there are two or more Magpies standing next to each other then the counting is obvious. But what if there are say two Magpies together and a third three foot away, does it count?

3) Do you count based on the Photograph affect?

If when you saw the first Magpie and in your mind took a photograph do you count all the Magpie’s you can see at that minute. So if a second or two later you see another Magpie does that count to the total score or do you start recounting.

4) Do you count based on a time frame?

So after the first Magpie is spotted does a timer start, and you count every Magpie you see in the follow few seconds? Does it go by blinking?

Hopefully its blinking, because I can go a long time between blinks. This would allow me to cheat and not blink until I hit a score that is beneficial to me.

5) How does multiples count?

OK. so you have your counting rules fixed in your mind. And you see a Magpie (ONE) then a short while again you see another Magpie (ONE) now, which of the three options does this count as?

a) Fortune is confirming that you are in for Sorrow

b) You are going to have two lots of sorrow

c) Your sorrow is now going to be twice as bad


This may seem a bit of an odd thing to contemplate, but its for a very very good reason. “Three for a Girl” If we can get the rules agreed on (go for blinking) I could fix it so I always get to count Magpies as being three, then if I can get two lots of three Then according to (5b) I would get a threesome, more than two lots of three and we are in for an orgy!