So Yesterday was the final set of matches for the six nations rugby.

Match 1: Scotland managed to end their loosing streak, and win against Italy pushing Italy into last place and saving themselves from the wooden spoon.

Match 2:Ireland put a stop to England’s chance of getting the GrandSlam by trashing them.

So a good show by the two other Celtic Sides, so it was just up to Wales to perform well and get the hatrick for the Celts.

Now, Wales went into the match in second place overall. They had a chance to win the six nations if they beast France by 27 points. They would remain in second place overall with any score from winning by 26 points, to loosing by 9. So we were playing for 1st or 2nd place.

And what happened? Wales happened, and we left the game in fourth place.

I ended up having to drown my sorrows with beer and a bit of good on-line COD with a good friend.