Its NaNoWriMo update time again.

R:You realise its Tuesday Right? The update posts are on a Monday!

GN:Yes I know its Tuesday. But its also the last day of November. So instead of doing the normal Monday update, and then another end of month post on Tuesday, So i’ve decided to combine them.

R:OK. that seems fair, if not a bit lazy!

GN:Why do I hear your questions in my mind as if they are read out by the Comic Book Guy from the Simpson’s?

R:My guess would be, because you’ve been listening to Wil Wheatons ‘Just a Geek’ and in his FAQ section he does the CBG’s voice when he reads questions that are patronising or stupid.

GN: At least I’m not going insane then

R: well I wouldn’t say that

So anyway, update time. I’ve not done as much as I would have liked, and as such you could say I failed this years NaNoWriMO. You may say that, but I would not, since this year I have done the most number of words than I have at any other attempt. So I am claiming this as a victory. “Yeh Go ME!

Actual Word Count: 10000

Projected Word Count: 50000

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