OK. Why cant we have NaNoWriMo in some other month? How about May? May is a quiet month? Why do we have to have it in November, which always seems to start off as one of the busiest times in my year? Then after much drinking/eating/Lack of sleep I tend to get run down and end up with the flu or some other such illness which slows me down even more.

Its a conspiracy I tell you.

Anyway. Thanks to a bit of work done last week while waiting in the hospital for an eye checkup, and more done yesterday while between events at the Karate competition, and the odd random bit of writing here and there I have actually got a start on my story.

Well two starts really as I have two bits on the go from the same story but at different parts of the book, which means when I’m stuck on one bit I can jump to the other. So I have made a start, and Half way through the month I have already beaten my records from previous years attempts, So I have done what I set out to do, and actually do better than I have previously.

Actual Word Count: 2500

Projected Word Count: 23000

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