It’s just occurred to me, that I missed out on a brilliant opportunity to really mess with someone’s head for years. Sit down comfortably and I shall explain.

Back in 1998/99 When I was writing the Insanity Test I added the following two questions :-

138: Have you ever mailed ‘’?

139: If so did you announce your undying love to this person?

At the time they were just throw away Questions, Implying Jokingly that you would have to be insane to email me. Little did I expect to be receiving a vast amount of decelerations of Love, and some extremely insane ramblings to be constantly popping up in the Inbox associated with that account for more than a decade (I’m still getting them today) In fact I keep saying I intend to make a small book of the more bizarre, funny ones (Plus those from “Interesting” People/Places) and make as mall eBook.

Now consider if I had picked a random persons email address, think of how confused they would be at the amount of almost “stalkeresque” love emails they kept receiving. I could really have messed with someone’s mind. and had years of amusement. I guess this proves that contrary to popular belief I am not after all “Evil(EDIT: “Or you just did not think of it at the time, Proving Nothing!!CN)


The Insanity Test

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The Insanity Test Book (When I finish writing it)