On Wednesday The Leader published an article titled “Lap dancing club would ‘lower the tone’ of Wrexham

CONTROVERSIAL plans to open a lap dancing club in Wrexham could “lower the tone of the town”, an objector has said.
Wrexham Council’s environmental licensing committee is to meet next week to discuss an application to open Midnight Lounge above Penny Black in Abbot Street in the town centre.
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Basically there has been an application for a lap dancing club to be allowed to operate in Wrexham, and some councillors and church groups are worried that is will lower the tone of the town.

Lets consider that for a second since it takes a bit of getting used to. “Lowering the tone of Wrexham“?

This is Wrexham.  Soon to be Home of the UK’s first Super-Prison that no where else wanted because it would lower the value of wherever it is placed, would be a security risk, would have criminals let out on day passes (Yes, they have said that will happen). So Wrexham will be known as a Prison.

But there is more, Wrexham often appears on TV in the many identical shows where they send cameras out to capture the worst pubs, violent nightlife, or boozy bad places.

And now people are worried a lap dancing club will LOWER the tone of the town?

Madness I tell you.. Madness