Greetings Dear Constant Reader, welcome to 2012.

Its a brand new year, a new beginning, and many people around the world are making Resolutions for the new year.

This year I will not be making any, for a very good reason. I am crap at sticking to them! I will admit it, I make some at the start of every year, and most of the time I do not take them further than making them, or at the very best I will stick to them for a month.

You have to agree this is a bit “pointless” So while I am crap at sticking to resolutions, I have noticed I am more steadfast when it comes to challenges. So this year instead of making any “New Years Resolutions ” I am setting myself a “12 in 12” Challenge. That’s 12 things I must complete/achieve/do in the 12 months of 2011.

As of this moment in time I only have a few picked, and there are spaces for more. So feel free to comment any suggestions.

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