I was happily relaxing, minding my own business watching Mythbusters and muttering that they get to play with really cool toys, and I want cool toys to play with, or at least the guns and C4.  Mind you the thermite and ice really grabbed my attention.

Sorry I digress.

I was minding my own business when “beep beep beep…..beeeep beeeep….. beep beep beep” A text message has arrived, I wonder who that could be.

::TECHY BIT:: In case you are one of them people who have always wondered why mobile phones of almost all makes have the text message tone of beep beep beep beeeep beeeep beep beep beep. Or have never noticed, or thought about it until I now mention it, Let me explain. Text messages were originally called SMS’s (Short Messaging Service) back in the days of limited characters (Yup a kinda pre-twitter) These days you can send more characters as the message is broke up into multiple SMS’s and replaced together at the receiving end. Now the beeps of the incoming message are in morse code. beep beep beep = S beeeep beeeep = M beep beep beep = S.  So now you Know.

Where was I? That’s right Text message. So i grab my phone and look. Its a message from my phone provider o2. Informing me that my iphone can use wifi access, and that it would make my apps run faster over wifi where available.  And they gave me a link to a webpage with step by step instructions.  WOW. no way…..

So I follow the link to the webpage and read the step by step guide to using this mythical wifi. Here’s the steps

1) Go to settings

2) Go to WIFI

3) Turn on!

I tell you I am in shock…. I have jailbroke my phone multiple times, I’ve got sshd running on there, it has a crontab that auto updates data on my home server, and yet o2 figured as a enduser i would not know the smart phone had wifi.

Thank you o2. for pointing out the bloody obvious.