I am sure I have done something to offend the God of Roadworks, there is no other explanation for what has been going on for the last few weeks. Let me explain.

My commute to work has been extended for a while now due to multiple roadworks and a diversion. I’ve just managed to time my trips to get me to the office in time when they decide to close a major duel carriageway that I use one my trip.

No problems. I’ll bypass that with a country road I know.

Well that worked for two days then they decided to divert all the traffic from the very busy duel carriageway down the small country road i use. making it basically a car park for hours on end.

Ok. some problems but I can drive over the mountains on a single lane country road that no one uses.

Well that one worked for one day. The following day and there are now three sets of road works on that country road. What have a done? What?

Was it that time I moved all the cones in Whitby? I was just trying to save their lives, they were standing in the middle of the road, they could have been run over? What was it? please, I cant go one….