Well the year that was 2014 is now officially over, so I guess it is time to review my years challenge. You may recall from HERE that at the start of the year we decided on :-

“This year we are doing “Challenge Purists” Which is loosely based off the Trivial Pursuits Game. We have appointed different categories to the Tradition colours, and just like in the game you have to complete some goal in that category to win the piece of pie.”


Review Time!

[Orange] Health & Fitness

This one is a tricky one. I did not set myself any fixed goal, just that I wanted to loose some weight and get fitter. To this end I got myself a fitbit to track my activity, and I have been slowly upping my daily “step” goals over the year. I changed my diet by cutting down on junk food (which I love so much) and have lost over half a stone (it was a lot more but xmas put a lot back on). So I am counting it a Win.

PIE: Won

[Green] Esoteric


Visited in SRIA & Chapter, Saw new ceremonies, Gained new grades/levels in different orders. Got given new jobs/roles. Advanced in 2 orders, and joined the ladder in a 3rd. Read the 1st, 2nd & 3rd lectures, as well as some books/papers on alchemy and other esoteric subjects.

PIE: Won

[Blue] House & Home

For house and home I decided to do all those little things I’ve been meaning to sort out for many *cough* many many */cough* years. I had “To Sort” folders on my hard drive that were from 4 or 5 computers ago.

  • I sorted out all the dump folders on my Linux PC, my Windows PC, my NAS, & my external hard drive (2TB of data in all)
  • Sorted out my email which may not sound like much but I had 50k of unread emails over 3 different IMAP accounts. This has been cut down to a couple of hundred and I have merged all my accounts into 1 IMAP for ease.
  • Sorted out online backups for my servers & desktop machines
  • Built decking area
  • rewired network/wifi network

PIE: Won

[Brown] Creativity


  • 5 x Websites created & finished
  • 40+ x Blog Posts written
  • 3 x Logos Created
  • Wallpaper Created
  • Wiki Created & Populated
  • Biker Patches Created
  • 100 Days of creativity completed

PIE: Won

[Pink] Finance

For my Financial challenges I decided to concentrate on “additional earnings”, to this end I :-

Set up and organised 2 on-line stores which have made a small amount of money in 2014, with the hopes of increasing those earning in 2015.

Finally came up with a company name/logo for selling my books, freelance writing, web development, hosting, and anything else that comes to mind.

Set up several servers for the above mentioned company.

PIE: Won

[Yellow] 100 Day Challenge

The event is 100 Days long, and for each of those 100 days, something creative must be done. This “Creativeness” can be either a stand alone bit of art, writing, poetry, interpretive dance, etcetera or a larger piece worked on over any number of days. In the case of the larger pieces of work, daily updates must be posted to avoid any claims of “cheating”.

Results can be seen Here

PIE: Won


So to summarise the results… PIE WON!!

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