Hi loyal readers.

Just a quick post to say we are back up and running. “What? You did not notice we had gone away? for shame on you!

We have had a change of hosting providers. The new one is fast, stronger, newer, its the 6 million dollar hosting.


Service Announcement

Just a quick Announcement/Apology from Me, Myself & I.

I did updates on the server hosting the Three-Ninjas yesterday, and did not fully check everything was working before going off to read “Dear Hacker“. The downside was that the website went down for a while, and I apologise to the Readers & Authors of the Three-Ninjas.

The Downtime Dance

Just a quick message to apologise for the series of short down-times this site has recently been experiencing.  I don’t think the small VPS its being run from can handle the number of visitors daily (On top of the other services)  So We are upgrading the package to a bigger, fast, more powerful one.

So hopefully as soon as we schedule a switchover time things will improve.


CMS Pt1: Setting up the Site

I have always been an Old School Coder, doing 99.9% of all my web work using the Text Editor of my choice. I used to scorn at those who used dream-weaver, front-page, or even the basic CMS’s. Did they do so because they lacked Code Monkey Skills? Why was VI,Notepad,etc not good enough for them?

But those days are gone, I am more mellow in my old days, less eliteist.  And since I joined the Three-Ninjas as resident TechyBod I have been happily using this site, and am quite impressed with the backend (Word-press) So have decided to try out a CMS and see how they have evolved, and if its easy to knock up a decent website with one. And to see how easy it is.

So I am going to make a site using a CMS, and document my progress in a series of blog posts. Who know maybe these will be helpful to someone else who wants to make a site?

STEP 1: Deciding on the CMS


There are way to many CMS’s out there, from the very basic ones to the very complicated expensive ones. I want to use a free one, since that way others can use it at no cost.  After a long discussion with colleague DemonP (who has used/tested a wide number of different CMS’s over the years) I have decided on using Drupal. DemonP says its free, it has lots of plugins, an API for making your own plugins, And since he got back from a UKUUG weekend conference he has a book for it.

STEP 2: Domain Name/Hosting

Easy one, I have a VPS, And a LARGE collection of projects waiting for me to work on, So I’ll skip this step since everyones Hosting solutions will be different. And Since I have yet to release my WebHosting Console no one elses procedure will match mine :0)

STEP 3: The actual Basic SETUP

Here we go. Are you ready? Ok lets start.

  1. Download a copy from I’m using Drupal 6.14
  2. unzip (and if you downloaded locally upload files to hosting area)
  3. Point your web browser at your domain name. Choose language (I’m using english)
  4. Correct any Permission errors, dependencies
  5. Copy the ./sites/default/default.settings.php file to ./sites/default/settings.php
  6. Enter your Database connection details (DBname,user,pass)
  7. WAIT :0) Yes this is a step
  8. Fill in basic site details, Site name, email, admin user account, etc
  9. Finished

And there you have it, You have a CMS set up ready for you to start using and adding content, style, etc.  Which will be in article 2 in this series.

Monthly Gentoo Updates


So its the first working day of the month, and I’ve decided to start a new trend of actually doing updates to my Gentoo machines, so I do not hit problems of 100’s of updates, and blocks caused by updating only once a year.

So that’s my Work Desktop, Home Server, And VPS box. And for once, maybe I will be uptodate on some of my stuff….. “Doesn’t happen very often!

All in all its been a reasonably painless update. With just a few packages needing adding to packages.keywords, and just one small incident with the accidental removal of mit-krb from my Home Server. (For those who dont know this removes your ability to download new packages, scp files across and makes putting it back on very very hard!)


Downtime Distress

Hi loyal readers.

Just a quick post to say we are back up and running. “What? You did not notice we had gone away? for shame on you!

The company where i Host the VPS box where this blog have upgraded all their hardware, and during the migration there was a day’s outage. Mainly due to me using the wrong console to raise the support ticket.

I know. I will take myself out back in a bit for a good slapping!