101: Update

I thought it was about time I did a update on my 101 challange.  so here goes :-

Start Date: 01/01/2007
End Date: 28/09/2009
Days Left: 872 days.
Tasks under way: 22
Tasks completed: 13

WoW: Week off Work

Well I had a week off work…

I Went to a few places, did some stuff, caught up on things that needed doing, and spent some time doing absolutely F all (Which apparently doesn’t count as sloth!!)..

But it was a good break… I needed to get away from the office for a bit! But now I’m back. And its the same-ole same-ole, No changes, we still employing the waste of space who’s been on fake-sick since start of november, the development department still covering for support, etc…

Ah well, such is life, There just better be decent wage reviews in April… (If it happens then satan will be skating to work…)

But on another note, I went into my week off with my 101 tasks standing at 6 finished/6 in-progress. and I am now on 8 finished/13 in-progress, so it was a productive week.. 🙂

Anyway.. Better do some work for a bit…


Well today is my last day in work.. Well for a week…..

I had holiday time I had to use up by the end of the month, so taking a week off to get away from the office, the politics, the illnesses, the wasters, the covering of other peoples jobs, and so on…

I’m looking forward to recharging my batteries, getting away from it all, and hopefully make a decent start on my 101 list..

Note, going into the holiday on 6 completed tasks, 6 tasks under way. Lets see the score when I return….

February – The Month That Was

So this is it. Last day of the month, and I have posted to livejournal every day. Ok some days it was just a copout meme post, but a post nether the less. So thats a task completed…

So I’ll just take a look back over the month, see whats happened, whats changed, what hopes and dreams I have, or some such shite :0)

Well we had some lovely snow, which is always fun, makes everywhere look lovely, and better yet, you get to work from home. but on the downside I got Ill, and was expected to work from home while ill, ah well, cant have everything…

What else has happened this month?

Theres been a few good training sessions, some mind melting ones, and some normal ones. I passed ShoKyuLv3. FCMA Fencing Academy has been shut down, put on hold, or whatever you want to call it.

Round up of some of the meme’s. Apparently my life is like an Erotic Thriller which is worrying as I will die aged 36 from sexual exhaustion. Which doesn’t really tie in with me having the dating problems of Insecurity and shyness…

All in all its been a quiet month, which February normally is, due to its inconvenient placing in the year, Just after recovering from the excess of December and Xmas, My family has the damn cheek to have most their birthdays in January, so I tend to take February as a chill out month.
Start Date: 01/01/2007
End Date: 28/09/2009
Days Left: 943 days.
Tasks under way: 6
Tasks completed: 6

T-3 Days

Well, 3days left in my challenge to post to LJ every day for a month, So thats 3 more posts left (2 if you count this one)

I was just going to post a meme today, but alas my works internet connection has been going up and down all day. Gotta love an ISP who’s offices have connection issues :0)

Anyway. Today was an interesting day, Work was its usual shiteness… With the customers of customers phoning up to moan and shout, Have these people not heard of the BOFH… Hassle me and things just get worse…

But on another note, Training was very enjoyable, (I was hoping for an easy night, to give my aches from yesterday a chance to calm down) and due to the people who were down, 4 Dragons, Myself and “Andy Ninja (c)” (Those that need to will understand) So we ended up with an easy night, so Coffee/Tea and Biscuits, while working out the finer points (And capitilisation) Of the grade syllabus. Then a photo shoot for some PSP’s.. and the general chat that happens on such nights…

anyway. I need food…..

In the words of “Rock Dragon” Zenwan