I Have the Best (But Oddest) Friends

Apparently last night Geek Goddess Felicia Day Tweeted the following.

I did not see the tweet myself due to being asleep. What I did see was the emails waiting for me in my inbox, and the DM’s on Facebook/Twitter from different friends. Mostly along the lines of “Congratulations”, “How did you manage that”, “WOW, your fantasies have come true” and other variations on the theme.

For those of you with a confused look on your face, IN Uni I was referred to as “Pen” and my Uni friends, and SPOD friends from that time still call me Pen. Which makes the phrase “Pen exploded all over me.” a totally different meaning.

Friends. You Rock !m!.


Happy System Administrator Appreciation Day 2012

I thought I would take a minute out of my busy hectic day to give a shout out to all my fellow under-appreciated systems administrators out there in their dark offices on this the 10th Annual System Administrator Appreciation Day.

Consider all the work your sys.admin does behind the scene, keeping your network connection running, your email not being overly flooded with spam, your IM’s running at a decent speed, and being there to fix a server outage at 3am just so some people can go look at the funny picture you uploaded.  Consider how often this creature gets thanked on his day to day fight against spammers, hackers, lUsers, Software Updates, etc Consider this, then be happy that this IT Hero gets one day a year when (s)he gets appreciated.

So everyone, go take a coffee, cake, or gift to your sysadmin now. or at least drop by their hidy hole to say thanks.

For more information on this IMPORTANT festive day go read THIS SITE

For those about the Insane Asylum Myself & Demop can be found in Mission Control, and are fond of Cake, Beer, & Chocolate (Oh and anything with glowing blue LED’s) !!!



Consider this as well. Your Friendly SysAdmin has access to your email, they know what you have been doing and to who. They see all the packets of data traveling back and forth from your machine, seeing when you are working and when your just browsing ebay/facebook/etc, They know what websites you’ve visited (and can change your history to show you been looking at p0rn in the office), Stuff you may not want made public.  They control your password, your login name, your email address, how much of the networks bandwidth you can use, what IM clients are banned, and a million other things that help you through the working day.  Consider this well, and remember, “Its only one day a year!

Star Wars 35th Anniversary

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away….

35 Years ago TODAY a sci-fi film hit the cinemas, and blasted off into the cultural history of the whole planet. That simple low budget film has since spawned TWO sequels,  THREE prequels, An Animated film, An Animated TV Series, A Live action TV Series in planning, Countless dozens of Books, Comics, Computer Games, Not to mention all the Toys, Outfits, Etc. There is even a RELIGION based on this film. And hopefully soon WORKING LIGHTSABERS

Who knew these simple characters would affect generations of people from all walks of life, Hell I think this film franchise could help world peace. I think all peace negotiators should before sitting the different parities down to try and fix issues should say “What about that JarJar Binks. Most annoying creation ever?” and then sit back to watch the parties who have not agreed on anything in Milena both nod and concur.

Even if you are not a fan you have to be impressed by just how massive and long lived this simple story has become. I think this weekend I will try and watch the films again (Or at least watch them over the next week, and in the best order. 4, 5, 1, 2, 3, 6)

I think you should now go to StarWars.com and watch the ORIGINAL film trailer from 35 years ago.

May the Force be with you!


Have Pride in your Geeky Towel Day

GN: Well today is May 25th Which can mean only one thing! Towel Day.

R: What about Geek Pride?

GN: Well today is May 25th Which can mean only Two things! Towel Day, & Geek Pride Day.

R: What about sanitation?

GN: Well today is May 25th Which can mean only Three things! Towel Day, Geek Pride Day & Sanitation. Sanitation? Oi! This is not degenerating into a monty python sketch!

CN: “Hang on Guys! Didn’t you have this exact conversation last year?”

GN: R: We hate your face!

Today is May 25th which is a day of celebration for two reasons. :-


Happy Birthday Geek Legend William Shatner

Born:William Alan Shatner; March 22, 1931 in Montreal, Quebec, Canada

William Shatner Star of Star Trek, TJ Hooker, Shit my Dad Says, Tek War, Boston Legal (& The Practice), And way too many other things to list here turns 81 today. Yes that’s right Kirk is 81, and I wish I look as young/good when I hit 81.

So we here at the Ninja Temple want to wish one of the big names in the Geek world a Very Happy 81st Birthday, and we look forward to seeing you on our TV’s for many more years.


Do Geeks Dream of Virtual Sheep?

I had an interesting dream last night, one that may give an interesting peak into my subconscious, or possibly suggest I should be kept under observation for safety reasons. Personally I think it simply backs up that age old quote for the Bible “The Geek shall inherent the Earth“.

I should point out, the start of the dream could have been inspired by the fact I recently watched the whole 1st Season of  “Game of Thrones“, And am working my way through the “Wheel of Time” series of Books.

So the dream started with me in a typical fantasy world, of Swords, Knights, horses, normal Medieval technology level. I was in a small land that was being attacked by a bigger neighbor, I have no idea why, the politics of the conflict did not interest me, as much as offering my services as an “adviser”, which helped turn the tide and allow the smaller land to win.

On a side note, its amazing the weapons and traps you can make with just basic technology and modern knowledge. Also charging cavalry get really confused when they come across my medieval version of landmines. Hey it was some fantasy world, there probably wasn’t even a Geneva let alone a Geneva Convention.

Well on the high from our small victory, we went on the offensive to claim damages from the aggressors and increase the size of the country. Alas that’s when bad fortune hit our plucky country, our beloved King died while examining my rudimentary gunpowder grenades. Luckily I had just left the room moments before the accident which also had the misfortune to take out the direct line of airs to the throne. Since we were at war, and needed strong leadership to keep us safe I volunteered my own services as military leader while the lords of the land worked out who should become the new king.

Now I think on it, they never did come up with who should rule the country. I guess they were too busy on the front lines as part of the forced military conscription that we needed to help fight the wars on all fronts. By the time I woke up I had unified three quarters of the land, and given an extra half hour of sleep I’m sure my steam cannons would have made short work of the mountain fortresses of the free people.

I think this dream shows two points.

  1. Knowledge is Power
  2. I should not be allowed to rule any country, no matter how small.