The Year of a Busy Mason – Charity AGM

Charity AGM!

This morning I popped along to sunny Rhyl to attend the AGM North Wales Freemasons Charity. 

It was interesting to get a report on all the good done over the last 12 months, and one of the trustees of the MCF was up to give a presentation on what they do. 

The Year of a Busy Mason – Rehearsals


And it is that time again. This evening it was the Wrexhamian Lodge Rehearsals, of which I had nothing to do, so again I got to sit and help with a pint in my hand.

Although by the end of the evening I had been volunteered to do the charge after initiation.

The Year of a Busy Mason – A solemn Visit

A Solemn Visit!

This morning we went to Visit Old Ruthinian Lodge, who meet at the cloisters Ruthin, for their remembrance meeting. It was more special and moving this year since they actually met on the 11th of the 11th, their remembrance ritual ended at 11am just in time for a 2 minute silence. Afterwards they enacted the empty chair ceremony. It was a very moving meeting. 

Due to the meeting being a morning one, we even had time to go have a beer on the way home to discuss the ceremony we had seen. 

The Year of a Busy Mason – A Royal Visit

A Royal Visit!

This evening a small group of us went to visit Royal Denbigh Lodge for their Installation. Royal Denbigh meet at the Denbigh Masonic Hall, so it was a nice change to go visit there.  The meeting was enjoyable, and it was special because their old treasurer who had been a member for many years was finally going into the chair since he now had the free time to do it.

The food was excellent, but then Ian cooks for that hall as well.

They even presented us (The visiting Blood Bikers) with a donation of £250 for Blood Bikes Wales.

The Year of a Busy Mason – Committeezzz


This evening was a semi-committee meeting, in that it was like a committee meeting but only of Past Z’s from Wynnstay Chapter, to discuss what we are going to do at our December meeting, which is scheduled to have the Provincial Team visiting.

The Year of a Busy Mason – A Nice Lunch

A Nice Lunch!

This morning I popped up to Elwy Hall Rhyl for the Rose Croix Higher Degree’s Lunch. This is an annual get together for some drinks, a lovely meal, and good company, and more importantly a chance for all the Past Sovereigns of North Wales to meet up, since we do not always get to see each other due to the distance between chapters.

It is a none formal meal, which is always excellent at Elwy Hall, those of us who count Maesgwyn as our main location often lament that Ian no longer cooks for us.