XBox Time Machine

There was a time, many moons ago (That’s 2010/2011 for those of you who are on decimal digital time) when PlanetPete, CampyPhil, MIAdave and myself along with the occasional extra would often play as a group on various XBox multiplayer games. Over time the group dwindled in size, the times we played grew less and less, due to new Kids, Job changes, work commitments, getting addicted to triathlons, etc. basically life itself got in the way.


Time went by, The four worlds formed again and yet again, As endless aeons wheeled and passed. Time and the pure essences of Heaven, The moistures of the Earth, And the powers of the Sun and the Moon. All worked upon a certain rock – old as Creation, And it magically became fertile. That first egg was named Thought, Tathagata Buddha, the Father Buddha, Said, ‘With our thoughts we make the world.’... But that’s a different story.

Time did pass.

We now arrive at yesterday, (Let’s sit and rest for a while. It has been a long journey of years to get from the start of this post to this point).

Yesterday during a Skype IM chat with PlanetPete about the TV shows, Dominion & Constantine he asked that immortal question “Games night?” Which you have to admit is a good suggestion for winding down after a Monday in the office.

9:30PM We were both online, in a XBox party chat and ready to re-live old times.

Game 1: Batman Arkham Origins

Well, this did not go so well. We both started the game, created a private match, joined and spent a fair while trying to work out how to start the match. We tried a couple of game modes, still no luck! It was about this time the small print of “Multiplayer 3-8 players” was spotted. We were 1 person short.

Game 2: Tombraider

This had a slight bumpy start.

*XBox Chat*

GGN: “There are two discs”

PP: “Which one is it?”

GGN: “I’m putting in disc 1” *DISCONNECT*


GGN: “updates!!!!

PP: “It’s disc 2”

GGN: “typical”

Once we (and by we I mean me) got online and running off the correct disc, things got better. We were soon running about lost on maps we had never seen, trying to remember how to play tombraider and do those useful things like climb, jump, not fall to your death. Eventually we got the hang of it, and started killing each other in a myriad of ways. After a lot of fun it was decided PlanetPete won after he managed to kill the whole level by pressing something inside a sub and the whole place starting to fall down around us.

Game 3: COD Modern Warfare 2

We ended the night on the game that used to get played the most back in the day, since it was the one game we all owned. Due to the countless times we’ve played this there were no issues in starting a match, or needing to remember how to play. Within seconds of the game starting we were madly running about stabbing each other, just using grenade launchers instead of guns, and general madness.

Half an hour into the game and we were back in 2011, we had lost the years in-between, nothing had changed PlanetPete still had his love of BIG BOOMS and explosions, and I was up high with scoped weapon.

I thought it was just nostalgia that made me travel back in time while running around trying to stab PlanetPete (At least it was only a virtual knife not a training knife). But this morning I received the IM.

PlanetPete: Last night i went back in time!!””!”!!!


Remember, Games with old friends can travel you back through time! But oddly you can not use that time travel to get the winning roll-over lottery ticket! Paradox’s People! PARADOX’S!

Until Next time, in the Voice & words of Wil “Play more Games!”

Katawa Shoujo – UPDATE

You may recall a previous post where I was playing “Katawa Shoujo” after watching along with  Metadating, which was one of the original Geek & Sundry shows.

If you don’t remember it, or did not read it, or maybe suffer from long term memory issues due to a alleged incident with a baseball bat (Sorry Dave) then you can remind yourself about it by re-reading the original Katawa Shoujo post


Basically it’s a visual novel style game where your choices and options dictate which of five girls you end up with. And where the game taught me that sometimes the best match for you is not necessarily the first person to catch your eye?



The available options.


The Replay:

I was still a little bit annoyed about not getting the girl I wanted, So I replayed the game and made different choices with my life to get a different story. And I may have done a little bit of research to make sure I got the outcome I wanted.

It’s not cheating. It’s putting in the effort to get to know the girl?……Oh who am I trying to kid, I cheated at the beginning to make sure Act 2 was on the path I wanted.

Anyway, Play-through #2 got me the Girl I wanted based off first impressions instead of personalities (Take that Game mechanics).

And I am man enough to admit…

Gods the Girl I picked from first impressions was an annoying, annoying thing. By half way through Act #2 I did not just realise how much a mistake this was, but I actually hated the character. I longed for the parts of the narrative she was not in. I missed the girl form Play-through #1. Hell I missed any of the characters that were not the girl I picked.

I have to admit I am impressed, It is really looking like this simple free game knows which type of woman I am better suited to than I do myself.

It is an eye-opener.

Also it’s possible that I have really bad taste in women!


You can download the game Legally & For free from :-

Katawa Shoujo

I have been slowly trying to catch up on a backlog of Films, TV Programs & YouTube shows. To demonstrate just how bad the backlog is. I’m currently catching up on Metadating, which was one of the shows on the 1st year of Geek & Sundry back in 2012?. (I know right.) So Metadating did a 2 part show on “Katawa Shoujo

Katawa Shoujo is a bishōjo-style visual novel by Four Leaf Studios that tells a story of a young man and five young women living with varying disabilities. The game uses a traditional text and sprite-based visual novel model with an ADV-style text box running on the Ren’Py visual novel engine. The game is licensed under the Creative Commons CC-BY-NC-ND.

They had split it into two 2 hour episodes so that they could show the game and discuss it while playing part of the 1st act, then give everyone a chance to play the game themselves (Its a Free Cross-Platform Game) and then they could play some more and discuss it in the second episode. I started playing while watching the second episode, where I discovered if you really messed up your choices YOU CAN DIE!

Luckily, unlike one of Metadating’s Presenters I survived without dying.

Katawa Shoujo

So the game starts with a quick back-story to explain what is going on and why you are now in a new special school. After this you are introduced to your new school and get to meet each of the main girls. You have to meet them all to make an informed choice right?


The available options.

The Game/Story then progresses with you learning about the school, the people, etc.. Every so often you are given options, and what you pick influences the story, like those old “Make your own Adventure” books.

The Game is in 4 Acts.

  • Act 1: Meet the Girls and get interested in one (If you fail you die)
  • Act 2: Get to know your Chosen Girl and move from friendship onto Romance
  • Act 3: Troubles and if you do not do well, A BAD ENDING
  • Act 4: If you get to Act 4 you get a Good Ending.
  • Also you can die at any time you totally mess up.

Playing Act 1,

I had picked out the girl I wanted and was playing to get her. She was a shy little thing, and at one point I thought I had won. She had stayed behind after class because I was finishing up some homework (I did mention it was set in a school). Her best friend came looking for her, and after a whispered conversation left leaving the girl in the class. She kept looking at me, and seemed to be waiting for me to notice her and talk to her.

Real Life me went “YES. I got the path I wanted, come on notice what’s going on”

Character me did his homework, nodded at the girl and left!

This annoyed me as being male I generally need to be hit with a baseball bat with the words “I like you” written on it to notice these things, and yet character me was more oblivious than real life me. I calmed myself down with a beer, and in spite I refused to share with character me.

It turns out, that making the choices I had, which in turn influenced the personality of the Character I was playing made me better suited for the personality of a different girl, rather the the one I had picked after quick first impressions. And the game had realised this. Who knew that the best match for you is not necessarily the first person to catch your eye?

This was too deep for both real life me and character me, and we had another beer.

Without any Spoilers. Act 2 went along fine, and I started thinking “Humm, OK my character could get along with this girl”. Act 3 was a bit touch and go, and I strongly suspect I almost ended up heading towards the BAD ending where we split up. But my overall brilliance let me slip into Act 4 and the Happy Ending…

Overall the story was interesting, and I have since seen the flowchart of the various ways the story can change based on your choices and am even more impressed with the writing. I am tempted to play the game again, with different answers to see just how much the path/story changes based on a single moments decision. (It’s the Multiverse people!)

You can download the game Legally & For free from :-

The Second Annual International Tabletop Day


Has it really been a YEAR since the 1st ever INTERNATIONAL TABLETOP DAY?

I guess it must have been, because This Saturday (5th April) is the Second annual International Tabletop day.

If you are reading this post and blinking in confusion, or are wondering WTF is going on, Maybe you should get yourself a quick primer and go read a few other pages.


  1. Last Years Post
  2. The Official Website

Are you back with us now? Good.

We here at the Ninja Temple will once again be participating in the Event, We have not yet fully decided what we are doing. Either Take over one of the Game-shops In Chester.  Or host our own Tabletop Day event at the Ninja Temple, or a local Coffee-House.

We like coffee, so the latter is a very possible option.

What are you doing for TableTop Day???

Whatever you do, Whether you go to an event you found here, or you are visiting your local gaming store, Hanging out playing games at a friends house, or even online gaming (there are some Skype based events organised) remember to have fun and TO PLAY MORE GAMES!!!!



geekandsundry_logoInternational TableTop Day 2013 was a huge success — we had 3,123 gaming events in 64 countries worldwide, including every state and province in North America and every continent on the planet (yes, even researchers in Antarctica were playing.) With your continued support, we’re hoping to make International TableTop Day 2014 even bigger!

International TableTop Day is a celebration for all the fans of tabletop gaming. A single day where the whole world is brought together in a common purpose of spending time together and having fun. We hope you find the resources you need — to connect new fans to experienced group organizers, retailers with their community, and publishers with the international community — all in one place. The interactive map hosts all of the game days and parties worldwide. If you don’t see an event near you, simply follow the free submission process to create and host your own TableTop Day event that we will promote for you. Download all the free content and collect all the exclusive promotional items made specifically to commemorate this event.

All we ask in return is that you share your experience with us by using the social media hashtag #tabletopday on all your posts, pictures, stories, and videos. This way, we can all share in the fun wordwide. You can also follow @TableTopDay and @GeekandSundry on Twitter. Let’s for one day, all come together, put down our worries and play more games. Thank you!


This is not a real post, I just wanted a place where I could point people at these lyrics!


Words and tune by John Owen (1836-1915)

Holl drigolion bro a bryniau
Dewch i wrando hyn o eiriau
Cewch chi hanes rhyw hen fochyn
A fu farw yn dra sydyn


O mor drwm yr ydym ni
O mor drwm yr ydym ni
Y mae yma alar calon
Ar ôl claddu’r mochyn du.

Gweithiwyd iddo arch o dderi
Wedi’i drimio a’i berarogli
Ac fe dorrwyd bedd ardderchog
I’r hen fochyn yng Ngharngoediog

Y Parchedig Wil Twm Griffi
Ydoedd yno yn pregethu
Pawb yn sobor anghyffredin
Oll i ddangos parch i’r mochyn

Bellach rydwyf yn terfynu
Nawr gan roddi heibio ganu
Cymrwch ofal bawb rhag dilyn
Siampl ddrwg wrth fwydo mochyn


All you (inhabitants) of the community and hills
Come and listen to these words
You’ll get the story of an old pig
Who died very suddenly.


Oh how heavy (hearted) we are
Oh how heavy (hearted) we are
There is heartfelt grief here
After burying the black pig.

A coffin of oak was worked for him
Trimmed and scented
And a wonderful grave was dug
For the old pig in Carngoediog.

It was the Reverend Wil Twm Griffi
Who was there to preach
Everyone was terribly solemn
All to show respect for the pig.

Now I am finishing
And stopping the singing
Take care lest you follow
A bad example as you feed a pig.


TableTopDay_logoHi Guys.

March 30th is now booked to be “International TableTop Day“.

What is “International TableTop Day“. I hear you ask? Well Basically it is an Internationally picked day for Gamers New, Old, or newly Interested to met up and play games. Yes, a day of games. Go to your local Game shop, Coffee Shop, Pub, Community centre. Arrange to meet friends at your house, Just play games and enjoy yourself. Just play games!!!

Oh, there are no local events near you? and your gamer friends live far away? Not a problem, Play online with them. There are even groups arranging Skype or Google Hangout game sessions. So there is nothing stopping you.

But do not take my word for it, Lets hear from The King & Queen of #TableTopDay

Felicia Day

Wil Wheaton



geekandsundry_logo Geek & Sundry, the award-winning original YouTube channel, is proud to announce the first International TableTop Day on March 30, 2013. International TableTop Day encourages people from around the globe to participate in the joys of board gaming by empowering the community to host thousands of gaming events internationally. Participants can sign up at for free events at their favorite local game stores or submit their own event at their home, community center or business. Participants are encouraged to use the hashtag #TableTopDay on social media to share and connect their own events on a global scale.

Inspired by tremendous fan response to the the critically acclaTableTop_Logoimed show TableTop co-created and hosted by Wil Wheaton (Star Trek, Big Bang Theory, Leverage), Felicia Day and her team hope that the day will grow the gaming community by encouraging fans to come together and play more games. “Gaming is a huge passion of mine, and I’m thrilled to help launch this event that will allow gamers all over the world to celebrate their passions together in real life.” Felicia Day, Creator and Founder of Geek & Sundry said. “The response we’ve received around our show, TableTop, has shown us that tabletop gaming brings people together in a unique and powerful way. We want to celebrate this on a larger scale and give back to our wonderful community.”

Industry-leading sponsors such as Asmodee Editions, Days of Wonder, Mayfair Games, Steve Jackson Games, Wizards of the Coast, and many other major publishers are offering free promotional items and games as part of International TableTop Day to over 1,000 game stores around the world. “In the 20 years I’ve been in the game industry, nothing has moved the needle the way TableTop has,” said John Zinser president of Alderac Entertainment Group. “We’re proud to be a partner for International TableTop Day and take Geek & Sundry’s success to the next level.”

In conjunction with this announcement, Geek & Sundry has revealed their website, the central hub for the community to bring together tabletop fans, publishers, and retailers from around the world. The website provides fans with resources such as the interactive event map which tracks all #TableTopDay events worldwide, inspirational videos from their favorite YouTube stars, blog posts by popular columnists on how to plan for their event, and fun downloadable content to keep fans excited leading up to March 30th, 2013. Organizations, businesses, community centers, retail stores, and fans worldwide are i – See more at: