So you are a blogger, and you write fantastic, witty, posts that could bring tears to the eyes of the bard with their brilliance, Yet you need to bring these posts to the attention to the masses who may not check on your blog that often, or have your RSS feed in their newsreader. What can you do?

How about posting the details of your new post to Twitter & Facebook? Sounds like too much effort to log into these systems and post that you have a new article? Your creative juices are all spent, and you just want to relax. Well let your Blog do your Social Advertising for you.

Here is a quick and easy guide to getting your blog to inform Facebook & twitter of your new post as soon as you hit the “Publish” Button.


Lets start with Facebook because its a popular Social Networking Site, and is geared up for Pages as well as User accounts. The following steps are the same for if you want to post to your account, or to a page (in My examples I will be posting to the Three Ninjas facebook page)


  1. I guess step ONE should be create a account/page if you do not have one. So we will assume you know how to do this bit and jump right into step2.
  2. Install “Add link to Facebook” wordpress plugin. and go to the settings for the plugin
  3. Click on the link Click here to create in the yellow box on the settings page
    • Navigate to My Apps
    • Select Set Up New App
  4. Create the Facebook application:
    • Give it any name you like (will appear as via below the added links)
    • Fill the URL which the plugin indicates in the yellow box into the tab Web > Site URL & Domain, field Site URL
    • Press the Save Changes button
  5. Copy the App ID and App Secret from Facebook to the appropriate fields in the plugin
  6. Press the Save button to save the configuration
  7. Press the Authorize button to allow the plugin to add links to Facebook

And there you go, When you post a link to your post will appear on your Facebook page. All that’s left is to go through the settings and make any formatting changes you want. Or if you have a Site Page as well as your main Facebook account, you can decide where (And as who) you would like the posts to appear.

NOTE: Some people need to verify their account before they can create an application. If you want to use your mobile phone number, take care that the phone number is correct. When it was wrong, you have to wait more than a week before you can try again.


Twitter is so easy to setup you do not even need any instructions. Just pick one of the many many many different plugins that connect twitter to your blog. Like jetpack, WP to Twitter, Twitter tools, etc. Install the plugin and follow the steps listed in the Settings page. We at the Three Ninjas prefer “WP to Twitter


And that’s it, It really is that simple to create a Facebook page, and twitter account for your blog, and auto update them when you post something to your blog. This allows you to increase your readership, and help spread the work.