You may remember Assassins Creed from such posts as Assassins Creed Brotherhood AKA You can’t Run but You can Hide! and Assassins Creed Brotherhood Connection Madness. If you do, then you will recall that we had been hit with the dreaded “the session is unreachable” issue that a LOT of people seem to be suffering from.

If you have not read the previous articles, or have no understanding of the mentioned issue I’ll provide a quick recap. *Wayne’s World recap music*

Me & PlanetPete can join a group and play together no problem, and CampyPhil & MIAdave can play together no problem. BUT if anyone tries to join the other group they get “the session is unreachable” So neither PlanetPete or Myself can play against the other two, and neither of them can play against us.

Now our original thought was that maybe it was an odd routing issue, with them being in a different part of the UK to us, Well luckily PlanetPete went to visit them and took his hard-drive with him. And with his hard drive plugged into MIADaves’s xbox he was able to join me, yet with MIADave’s hard drive plugged in “session is unreachable

It makes no SENSE!!!!

Well PlanetPete recently purchased the Da Vinci DLC, and before installing it he deleted all the previous system updates and the downloaded Animus Project Update 2.0. He then bought and installed the Animus Project Update 3.0 (Da Vinci). After this we discovered that we could no longer play online together, but he could play with CampyPhil & MIADave.

SO. I deleted my DLC & updates. I then decided to work upwards in order. Animus Project Update 1.0, Animus Project Update 2.0, then started the game and let it do it’s own system updates. After this was complete I tested playing against CampyPhil and was able to play fine.

It seems to me that there was a conflict between DLC versions. PlanetPete & Myself downloaded ours a while before the other two. So there must have been a change at some point which causes a conflict. So if you are getting the dreaded “session is unreachable” while trying to play with friends, then delete all downloaded content from your XBOX Dashboard, and re download them.

Let us know if this solves your conflict.

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