Well today is “UK ELECTION 2010” day.

I have done my bit for the democratic procedure of hopefully *fingers crossed* fixing the country. And it was not easy. I sometimes think the Government is trying to prevent me from voting and having my say.

Let me explain.

If I leave my house, and turn left, its a 1 minute drive through civilisation to the nearest polling station. Only I am not allowed to vote there, Oh no, I must use a different one. To get to the one I use you have to turn right out of my house and drive away from civilisation. after about ten minutes you turn onto a small back road and head towards the mountains. Fifteen minutes later you leave that road, for a smaller, less used track and head even deeper into the wilderness of the mountains. Eventually you will arrive at a small shack on the side of the track, and its there I have to go to vote.

Seriously, If I did not have a four wheel drive sturdy vehicle, and a house full of lethal weapons to choose from, I don’t think I would ever vote.

Not an Accurate Image of Where I Vote

When you step out of the car to make the run into the shack, I swear you can hear banjo music playing in the distance.