The Year of a Busy Mason – Wrexhamian Lodge

Wrexhamian Lodge!

This evening was the first meeting of Wrexhamian Lodge since with the new officers in place.

We had an Initiation, and I helped out by doing the Charge after Initiation, which was interesting since it has been about eight years since I last had the chance to do it.

The Year of a Busy Mason – Visit to Dinorben Lodge

Visit to Dinorben Lodge!

This evening I had a little trip out to the coast out by Colwyn Bay to visit Dinorben Lodge for the first time.

I had been booked from the North Wales Association of Masonic Study to give a Talk titled “Widows Sons – Outlaw Bikers or Masonic Ambassadors”

It was a very enjoyable meeting in what has to be the largest Lodge room in North Wales.

The Year of a Busy Mason – Committee Rehearsals

Committee Rehearsals!

Wrexhamian Chapter had a Committee meeting this evening to sort some admin out, (no matter what you are in, there is always admin involved).

Unfortunately the Secretary was running very late, and nobody else actually knew what the agenda was, so after an hour gossip time we decided to change the evening into an extra rehearsals!

The Year of a Busy Mason – Charity AGM

Charity AGM!

This morning I popped along to sunny Rhyl to attend the AGM North Wales Freemasons Charity. 

It was interesting to get a report on all the good done over the last 12 months, and one of the trustees of the MCF was up to give a presentation on what they do. 

The Year of a Busy Mason – Rehearsals


And it is that time again. This evening it was the Wrexhamian Lodge Rehearsals, of which I had nothing to do, so again I got to sit and help with a pint in my hand.

Although by the end of the evening I had been volunteered to do the charge after initiation.