The Year of a Busy Mason – Day Trip to Llandudno

Seaside Day Trip!

Today it was the Provincial Craft/Chapter AGM at Venue Cymru Llandudno, and since this year I was an Active Chapter Officer I had to be there early for the last minute rehearsals.  This meant I had to get up at super silly o’clock to make sure I was in Llandudno for 8am.

This year for the first time we were using electronic tickets for admission, so as soon as rehearsals were over I jumped into my Steward role to man the main doors and scan everyone in as they turned up, which was a fun new experience. At 10 it was time to line up with the other officers to parade into the meeting before the Provincial Grand Chapter opened. 

After the Chapter AGM, I met up with some friends to grab some Lunch, and maybe a pint, before jumping back into the Stewards role for scanning in the afternoon attendees for the Provincial Grand Lodge. Since I have no active role in the PGL I got to just sit back and enjoy the meeting, and then helped collect alms before the meeting ended, and I met up with friends to travel home together. Stopping at a pub for some drinks on the way.

It was a long day, but a fun long day where you get to meet up with people you often only see at the annual AGM.

The Year of a Busy Mason – Rehearsals


And it is that time again. This evening it was the Wrexhamian Chapter Rehearsals, which started off with a group discussion on how the 50th anniversary meeting went.

Yes, it is true, when you get a bunch of Masons together they will often sit about gossiping.

The Year of a Busy Mason – Wynnstay Chapter

Wynnstay Chapter!

This evening was the first Wynnstay Royal Arch Chapter meeting of the year, and was held in the Ruabon Masonic Hall.

It was an enjoyable meeting, in a very atmospheric building. The hall is an old church, and still has the stained glass windows and pews. We had a new candidate, and a joining member, which always makes it a good evening when we get new members. The festive board was held at the Maesgwyn Hall.

The Year of a Busy Mason – AGM Rehearsals

AGM Rehearsals!

Next Saturday is the AGM’s for both the Provincial Grand Lodge of North Wales, and the Provincial Grand Chapter of North Wales, which is the biggest event in the Masonic year for North Wales.

This year I held an active role in the Province as the Provincial Grand Sojourner, and as such I had to pop along to Sunny Rhyl for the Chapter Rehearsals. The AGM rehearsals are always great fun, as you get to see all the senior members of the Province in their normal getup practicing just like everyone else.  We are after all all cut from the same cloth. You also get to catch up with some people you may not see very often since people from all over North Wales attend the rehearsals, and the informal nature is great for catching up.