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Artisan Challenge 2016

Artisan2016The last time I actually made some New Years Resolutions was way back in 2006, which in January when tradition says I should pick some  resolutions for 2016, it will have been a decade since my last ones.


“forgive me father, it has been ten years since my last resolution”

The reason I stopped making the traditional New Years Resolutions was a simple one, basically I am really crap at sticking to them. It seems pointless making a bunch of resolutions you know you will never stick too. And when I tried picking one’s like :-

  • I will drink beer
  • I will play lots of Video Games

I got told that they were not acceptable choices. Gorram Resolution Nazis. So instead I have spent the last decade setting myself challenges every year, Originally alone, and the last few years along with MaguirePete. The Challenge for 2016 we are calling “Artisan 2016”

noun: artisan; plural noun: artisans
    a worker in a skilled trade, especially one that involves making things by hand.

The reason for this name? Well because all the challenges (and there are three parts) are artistic or creative in nature.


Quarterly Non LOLS Papers

Last year one of the challenges was to write an Academic Paper, This simple sounding challenge soon mutated into joining in with the Quarterly LOLS paper, where we received a topic and had to write a paper on it which would then get peer reviewed. So instead of the one paper I ended up writing four. This year’s challenge again has “Write a Paper” as one of the tasks. But from the start I am aiming for four papers over the year, and since I will probably do the Quarterly LOLS papers again this year, the new challenge is for none LOLS papers of topics I pick myself.


Art Project

When picking the challenges for 2016 MaguirePete mentioned that when he was in sixth form he always liked the long art projects, where as you passed the Art block you would see the work slowly take form over time. And so we decided to be artistic in 2016 and do some form or Art project that would slowly take the year to do. This seems like a good idea, so I will be working on a piece of art over the year and posting updates as it goes along. How hard can it be?


100 Days

And once again I will be taking part in the 100 Days creative Challenge. This will be starting April 1st and can be viewed over at my 100Days Blog.

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