Dear Constant Reader,

As you know. I have a tendency to challenge myself in a variety of ways, in a constant attempt to stave off boredom, laziness, and the soul destroying lack of enthusiasm that often plagues me.  As such I often have several Challenges running at any one time Often With other people taking part, or global challenges like NaNoWriMo.

So Dear CR, I figured I really should do an update post since we are past the midway point of the year.

Challenge 1: Goodreads 2013 Reading Challenge

This is a simple challenge where you pick a number of books you would like to read in a year, and keep track of what you read to see if you reach your goal. For 2013 my goal was 50 books.


As you can see, At just over half way through the year, and I am on 58 Books of my goal of 50. So I have actually completed this year long challenge and in half a year. (I was on 52 at the end of the June)

Challenge 2: The 100 Day Challenge

This is a private challenge that’s grown in participants over the three years we’ve been doing it. This year it was @DemonPengu, @MaguirePete, YoYoMan, and Myself. We are currently up to Day 91, and I am going strong, I just need to update a few Past Days with uploads of Images drawn (Internet Issues at home caused poor update times)

The 100 Days Challenge.


Challenge 3: 23 in 13 Challenge.

At the start of the year I received an email from John Anealio, with the subject of “Will You Take The “23 in ’13″ Challenge?“. Now this email came at a very opportune time, since I was trying to work out what to pick for my New Years Resolutions. (Full Info Here)

Checking, I really need to do some separate update posts for the “23 in 13” Since I only seem to have the main post done so far. So this will be a brief update on that.

  1. I created an iTunes version of my Short story “Night Watch”
  2. I wrote a new poem
  3. I created & Published a short book of Poetry for the Amazon Kindle
  4. I created an iTunes version of my Poetry book
  5. I wrote a new poem
  6. I wrote an Article for the MAG Magazine (Which was published)
  7. I created an Amazon Kindle version of another Short Story
  8. I wrote a new poem
  9. I created an iTunes version of my new short story
  10. I created a new Website for my Writing/Books

I need to check my notes, but 10 of the 23 complete so far is not to bad.

Challenge 4: CASLOTBEOY

@MaguirePete upon retiring from the 100 Days Challenge after achieving a new personal best came up the idea of giving himself a list of things he wanted to complete before the end of the year. Due to our personality types this quickly escalated into a CHALLENGE!

So basically we will both pick a list of things we want to do, and try our best to complete them by the years end.

I guess I need a list?

  1. Blog More often (At least once a week)
  2. Get 2nd Short Story Published
  3. Get InsaneLove book almost ready for publishing next year
  4. Start on an actual Novel (Fiction)
  5. Actually get around to developing some of the websites on my todo list
  6. Sort out My Domains and what I want to do with them (see 5)
  7. Sort out my data-dump area
  8. complete 23 in 13 challenge 😉
  9. Finish S.R.I.A. Papers.
  10. Find new house


Challenge 5: NaNoWriMo

It’s not November yet so This one has not started (PHEW!!!)